Saturday, September 29, 2012

Princesses for the day!

It was a GRAND day!   We got to see princesses, be princesses and have fun ALL day long!

Madelyn and I headed out bright and early to meet Memaw and Virginia at the Tulsa State Fair for Disney on Ice!  The best part - featuring Rapunzel!  Oh my, Rapunzel, on ICE SKATES!!!!

We weren't there for two minutes without having to get a Rapunzel sno-cone.  Who cares that it is only 10:00 AM, a sno cone is NEEDED!!

We HAD to get our picture in the lego Cinderella carriage.

She made out like a bandit - Miss Virginia bought her a light up wand, she got the program guides to take home, her Rapunzel cup and of course, the Rapunzel braid.... how can you not get that one?

I think my favorite part of the whole day was watching her face when she saw the princesses for the first time!

At one point, I asked her if she needed to go to the bathroom.  She insisted she did not, I was not convinced so I asked her a second time with a "Are you sure?"  She looked at me and said Nona, I am singing with Cinderella, I don't have time right now.  LOVED IT!

She was in awe of the whole thing.  We saw Tiana first, then Cinderella and then Rapunzel.  At the end all the princesses came out in their beautiful dresses and there were even fireworks.  The minute it was over, she told me she wanted to see it all again!

After the show, we headed out to get some lunch and check out the fair!

This is one of my favorite pics from the day!

We went to the petting zoo, got to pet a LOT of animals.  The deer tried to eat Memaw's shirt, twice!  Madelyn told her that her shirt was just too tasty!  Madelyn got to pet a kangaroo, goat, sheep, pig and she looked at the llama, but he was WAY TO BIG!  She didn't like him at all.  I didn't get any photos of her with the animals because she had a death grip on me after the goat poked his head between her arm and her body right after we got in there.  She liked them, but just wasn't sure enough to let go!

We checked out the expo building, saw the Indian dances and drum ring and then she wanted to go to the sheep barn.  It was a wonderful day and I can't wait to take her again!

On the way home, all the excitement caught up with her and she napped for a while.  Then she had to try on her new braid.

Everyone should have their own Rapunzel braid!

I just love that girl!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wiggle Cars and Tai Cheng!

Miss Madelyn was here to play yesterday.  We were having a good morning, but got a call and off we went for a play date!  Wiggle cars, playing with someone else's toys and lunch in town always makes for a fun day!

By the time we got home, Mads was worn out!

We had a good day and she is so excited for Disney on Ice tomorrow.  Rapunzel on ice skates - it doesn't get any better than that!

I'm really missing my workouts.  I  LOVE, LOVE ( til my Daddy takes the T-bird away) Les Mill Pump.  But for now it just isn't doing my body good to be working out hard and steady.  So, I'm taking a break.  However, just walking isn't really doing it for me.  So, I ordered Tai Cheng.  It came in today and I'm going to play around with it over the weekend and start it on Monday.

I've not ever done Tai Chi, so I am really looking forward to this one.  Another thing I am looking forward to is that Brian MIGHT do it with me. This is a no-impact workout.  He can do that!

I'm looking at a few other workout programs, but will be keeping it simple and easy for now!  I must listen to my body first, not what my mind is telling me I should do!

So things are slowly getting better, I am having less fatigue and having a few good days!  I'm so excited.  I'm ready to feel like myself again!!!

Do you have a new workout routine?  A favorite workout program?  A wiggle car?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Fall Y'all!

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are starting to turn and of course, the pumpkin spice latte is back.  It's definitely Fall Y'all!

Does this make you happy or sad?

I'm a little of both, I LOVE summer, but I do like fall too!  What I don't like is what comes after fall - winter!  But for now, I'm going to enjoy the cooler weather, the opportunity to wear my favorite scarves and boots and get some wonderful outdoor activities in.

Brian has started playing golf every morning.  He walks 9 holes and gets his exercise in as well as some "guy" time!  Since I am still resting my adrenals, I am doing a lot of walking.  I so enjoy watching the seasons change.  The trees are just getting started changing here.  Some trees are so pretty and others haven't even started to change.  I will try to get some photos today of the pretty foliage!

Another thing I love about fall is soups and stews in my crockpot.  I absolutely love using my crockpot.  It just makes everything so much easier.  Just put all the ingredients in and forget about it until the house starts smelling sooo good!

This week I made lentil stew and today I am making black bean soup.  I usually make the black bean soup in a pot on the stove, so I thought I'd see how it turns out in the crockpot.

What is your favorite part of Fall?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blue September

As many of you know, Brian was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January.  We are in a holding pattern and if you want to read more about our journey, click on the link above The Fight of Our Lives.

I recently found out about Blue September.  Please take a moment to read through their website and if you feel like it, please donate to prostate cancer research.

Blue September is about men facing up to cancer in men!

The idea behind the use of the color blue is simple – blue is for boys – so it’s time to Get BLUE America!
Blue September is a campaign created to get the message out about cancer in men. It aims to raise awareness among all Americans about this devastating male cancer and urges men to take preventative action by improving lifestyle choices and getting a regular check with their GP.
  • In 2012, more than 240,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer
  •  In 2012, more than 33,000 men will die from prostate cancer
  •  One new prostate cancer case occurs every 2.2 minutes
  • A man dies from prostate cancer every 15.6 minutes
So let’s face up to prostate cancer this September! Show your support by painting your face blue and raise awareness and funds to save lives!
Blue September on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

Every Friday in September is "Blue Friday"!™

On Blue Friday we encourage you to paint their face blue, wear something blue and fundraise to face up to cancer in men.
I will be posting my blue face as soon as I get to the store and get my blue!!  I only wish I had found out at the beginning of the month.
This weekend is also my Trash Cancer party.  I'm excited about this one!  We are going to learn how to make our own cleaning supplies, avoid chemicals and even get a new recipe to try out!  I'm looking forward to sharing it all with everyone!
My kit came in the mail over the weekend.  It looks so cool!

Check out Trash Cancer! on facebook, twitter and on the world wide web!

It is so important to educate ourselves about how to prevent cancer.  Eating right, exercising and what we put ON our bodies is just so important.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I will help in any way I can.  We CAN win this fight!

Monday, September 24, 2012

School Days!

 Kids have been back to school for a while now. Even though I don't have kids in school anymore, I thought I'd share a few memories of my kids school days.

When Chase started school, we lived in Joplin.  As our first child and as we were soooo young, we were all nervous together.  Chase was such an easy-going young man.  He was excited to start school, but a nervous Nellie!  He loved school and he got to walk to school since we lived so close.  Luckily, Stephanie ( an older cousin) lived nearby and they could walk together to school.  He LOVED school and couldn't wait for the weekends to be over.

When Nick started school, we lived in Carl Junction and he wasn't so sure about going.  He wanted to stay home and have fun playing all day.  But, he had friends in his class and decided that it would be okay if he went.  I do remember that some of Chase's friends had told Nick that his teacher was a witch.  He was so scared and cried and cried one day before school and said he didn't want to go.  I couldn't understand what his problem was and of course, MADE him go to school.  I was in tears before the morning was over.  Luckily, one of my friends was a teacher and called me later in the day to let me know that he was doing fine.  I didn't find out about the friends telling him about the teacher for a few days.  Those rotten little boys!

Jake's second day of kindergarten was pretty funny.  The first day, we took the boys to school and helped them find their new classes, the second day, they rode the bus and Jake decided he was NOT going to get on the bus.  The other boys just hopped on and Jake started running around the yard, refusing to get on the bus.  Chase jumped off and was going to walk Jake to the bus, but Jake kept running around the yard.  It was so frustrating at the time, but now I can laugh about it.  I finally told the bus driver to go on.  We lived on a pretty busy road and the traffic was backed up and we were all chasing Jake around the yard.  I can only imagine what that excitement looked like to someone else! Luckily, we had a VERY understanding bus driver.  God bless all the bus drivers!

I can't forget Miss Madelyn's first day of preschool.  She is growing up so fast!

I don't really remember my first day of school.  I do remember walking to school with friends and that I made some lifelong friends even in the first year of school.  I'm so thankful for those people in my life now!

Do you have a favorite school memory?  Yourself, your kids or your grandkids?  Please share with me!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Golf Groupie for a day!

It's been a busy couple of days!  Fun too!

Madelyn was here on Wednesday and we had a good day!  Baking, shopping and playing!  Doesn't get much better!

Madelyn and Grumpy playing Doctor!

I love it when she asks for a shake for lunch!  Shake Break!

Cupcake Time!

Then yesterday was my monthly massage appointment.  Oh how I love those days!  I sooo needed it.  I highly recommend you find a good massage therapist and take advantage of  this wonderful treat for your body!  If you are in the Joplin area, go see Connie Brown at The Right Touch!  AMAZING!

After my massage, I got to be a golf groupie for the day!  Brian was playing in his office golf tourney and I tagged along for some fun!

Off we go to have fun with friends on the golf course!

The Pro 100 Gang!

I'm so not a golfer.  But, I had fun cheering them on and They ended up in 4th place!  YAY!  It was a fun day and I was worn out when the day was over!

I'm really missing my workouts at this point, but I am listening to my body - that is still part of being fit!  BUT, I am so ready to get back to my Les Mills Pump!  It's weird to miss a workout isn't it?

I am eating healthy, going to make kale chips today to take to the lake this weekend!  I'll post a photo and a recipe! I'm sure you can't wait!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

She does my heart good!

I had the best surprise last night!  Chase, Meredith and Madelyn came by to drop off my car.  They had borrowed it while their car was in the shop.  It was a quick visit, they had other things to do.  Chase popped in dropped off the keys, said a quick hello and was back out the door.  A few seconds later, he popped back in and asked if I could say hello to Madelyn, she needed to see me.  Of course, this made me happy and I was thrilled to do so!  Walked out to the car and Madelyn started crying.  No one knew what was wrong.  She wanted to stay with me for a while.  So, being Nona, I said, "sure, come on in".  Meredith warned me she hadn't eaten and I told her I thought I could handle it!  Madelyn just needed some Nona time!

She was only here for a couple of hours, but we had a blast.  Watched a little Clifford, ate some crackers, cheese and strawberries, played babies and I got a LOT of hugs!

Talk about giving an old gal a MUCH NEEDED boost!  We laughed and planned our day for today.  She wants to make cupcakes, paint her toenails and go shopping.  Oh boy, I think we might be in trouble!

I'm looking forward to today and can't wait to spend more time with her.  She does my heart good!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random musings!!

So I'm still playing around with the blog.  Trying out some new colors and fonts.  This is kind of fun!  I really wish I knew what I was doing though.  I got the font and color of the titles changed, but on my end it shows up for a brief moment and then as I start to scroll down, it changes back to the original fonts/colors.  If you know how to change this, send me some info, PLEASE!!!

Yesterday was a busy day, we are almost done with the rental house we are working on.  I had to go over and get the place cleaned up and ready for the carpet layers to come in and work their magic.  I seriously thought about taking a photo of the floor covering in the master bedroom, but I didn't have my camera with me.  It is olive green and yellow flowers on linoleum.  Seriously one of the ugliest floors I have seen in a LONG time.  If they don't do the room today, I'll take a picture for you.

It's teeth tightening time again.  I'm thankful that it doesn't seem to hurt for as long these days, that certainly makes me happy!  It's hard to believe that I've had this going on for 6 months already.  Time is flying by....

I'm also getting ready to re-do my family room.  I'll be sure to take before and after pictures to share with you.  I'm going to re-paint and then move the furniture all around.  It needs some help!  I have a few ideas, going to play around with it before I make my final decision.  I might even swap furniture around from the lakehouse and of course, if new furniture is needed, then.... LOL!

We are thinking about re-doing some things at the lakehouse too!  I seriously need to stay off pinterest.  It gives me too many ideas!  We are going to put in hardwood floors on the main floor.  The carpet there is is need of replacing in a BAD way!  I think it will look good and can't wait to get started on it!  But, I am going to do the family room first!

My mom and I are going to take Miss M to Disney on Ice is a week.  I'm excited and I know that Mads will love it!  They are featuring Tangled ( her favorite movie and she LOVES Rapunzel!)  Mom got the tickets yesterday and I'm going to show Mads all the videos tomorrow when she is here.  I know she will be excited!

This weekend I told her that I liked her new Brave panties.  She looked at me so sweetly and said  "you should, Nona.  You bought them for me."  I didn't, but I let her just keep on thinking it!  I just love that girl!

So many things to do today so I better get moving.  I'm thinking it's time to get the crockpot out and start using it again.  For some reason fall just means crockpot meals for me!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Bill!

We celebrated Bill's (my father-in-law) 84th birthday yesterday!  His actual birthday was on the 10th.  Bill finally found a great grandkid that would sit on his lap and talk to him.  He was in HEAVEN!!!  Funny that it is the only boy!!


It was a fun-filled day, lots of good food, lots of good conversation and LOTS of activity.  5 kids under the age of 7 make for a busy house!  Lexi is 7.  Ava and Madelyn are 3, Aiden is 1 and Emmy is 10 months.  Talk about a noisy group!

The cousins had a GREAT time playing together!

Aiden hopped up in Judys wheelchair and asked for a ride.  Of course, he got one. courtesy of Aunt Lisa!!

Ava was quite the poser - notice Judy in the background rockin' Lexi's hat!!

We had to get some photos of the birthday boy with his family!  He looks great and so happy!

Emmy is getting so big, she is almost 1!  She is a bit demanding, so funny and super sweet!!

We had a wonderful time and it was so good for everyone to be together for the afternoon and what better occasion to celebrate?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Making Choices!

I've had to do a LOT of thinking lately.  I haven't felt good for a while and it has really made me look at things differently and I think for the better.

Some things I am changing my mind about:

I don't have to be the thinnest I can get - being healthy is more important!

I can eat what makes me feel good!

I don't have to workout for hours every day, doing the hardest workouts available, sometimes taking a walk is the best thing for me!

Taking a day off is a GOOD THING!

Learning new things and look at new perspectives is always best!

I don't have to be STRONG all the time.  I can be upset, be sad, be lazy for a while.

What works for one person, may not be the best choice for me.

Learning to let go and LET GOD is hard, but so necessary.

I don't have time for people that make me feel bad about myself.  They have to go!

Taking a nap doesn't mean you are lazy.

My family and friends mean the WORLD to me ( I already knew this, but it was reinforced)

Getting a good doctor that listens to you and cares is so important!

So, I am choosing to listen to my own advice, I am choosing joy and happiness, I am choosing to be healthy and I am choosing to be ME!

Friday, September 14, 2012

I needed that!

Sometimes life gets in the way of all the fun things we want to do.  So, sometimes birthday celebrations take place days after the date.

Yesterday was one of those days!

Birthday fun with my girls!

Denisa and I met up and went to the Webb City Business Expo ( not a lot there, but I am guessing it will grow from year to year).  Enjoyed looking around and seeing friends!

Then it was time for dinner!  YAY!  We met up at Mohaska Farmhouse.  It is a cool place, the food is good and we had a WONDERFUL TIME!  The only drawback about the place is that the parking is an issue.  Susan ended up parking across the street and had to run in the rain ( across MAIN at a busy time), but we managed. It was COLD!  I can't believe how much the temperature dropped with the rain (25 degrees in just a short time, not ready for summer to be over....)

We ordered pizza's - DELICIOUS! and of course had to try the chocolate bread.  I liked it, the others not so much....

Then we headed over to Joplin Ave Coffee.  It was so cold, we all wanted something hot to drink!  Hot chocolate was the drink of choice, I just had mine a little different ( with almond milk), but the absolute BEST part is getting to be with my friends!  We missed Robin and Mendy, but we made the most of our time together!

Talking, eating, drinking and hugs!

I am so blessed to have such wonderful caring friends!  Thanks girls!  I needed that!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Every day should start like this

Imagine waking up, heading out to the kitchen, enjoying your shakeology and then the greatest sound in the world:  NONA and GRUMPY, I brought PRINCESS CANDYLAND!    What is a Nona and Grumpy to do, well, we play candyland in our pajamas and love every single minute of it!

Grumpy changed out of his pajamas before we started playing, what's up with that?

I wish I had some cute monkey pj's.

We had a good day.  Of course, every Wednesday is Madelyn day.  She wanted pancakes for lunch, so that is what she got!  The only thing she didn't get was to watch a movie, the dvd player is broken.  Oh, and getting out of nap time, that isn't going to happen.  Nona needs a nap for sure on Wed!

I tried to get Grumpy to play Candyland this morning, but he wasn't having any part of it.  Guess it will be a Wednesday only thing!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How do you deal with stress?

Stress plays such a HUGE factor in our lives, if we let it go unchecked, many problems can arise. I am battling this now and these few things help me.

Working out - this has always been a good stress reliever for me, right now I am limited to easier workouts, walking, stretching or yoga.  But nothing like a good sweaty workout to change my thinking and attitude!  It was suggested to me to do a prayer walk, this is one of the BEST things I have done!  I get to be outside in the sunshine and just pray about whatever pops into my silly brain!  LOVE IT!

Meditation and praying - just focusing on the positive things in my life and asking God for help to get through the harder stuff makes me feel better!  I'm going to make a great space just for this. Peaceful and relaxing!  There are some great ideas on pinterest!

Talking with a friend - what better way than to chat with a friend about what is going on.  This always helps me and gives me a new perspective on things.

Keep a journal - writing down our feelings is a great way to release whatever is causing the stress.  I keep a super cute notebook and keep track of my food intake ( good to see if certain foods make me feel better or worse) to-do list and how I am feeling each day!
It helps if your journal is a cute one!

Take a bath - I find this very relaxing and calming.  I usually take a good book and read and add in a few essential oils or baking soda.

Music - for me, nothing is better than some uplifting and fun music and dancing around the house!  This is my happy playlist right now.  These songs just put me in a better mood EVERY, SINGLE TIME!!

Take a nap - I know this seems weird, but sometime we are so overworked and exhausted that a little power nap just helps.  You don't have to take a long nap, even a 15 -20 minute rest will make a huge difference.

Of course if you can change the situation or the stressor, then by all means - DO IT!  If certain people are causing the problem, do what you can to not be around them.  Sometimes we just can't get away from whatever is causing our stress, but trying these tips should give you some relief.

The most important thing I have found is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!  Rest when you need it, drink plenty of water and eat healthy, healing foods!  It will make a difference.

How do YOU deal with your stress?  Any special tips?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A low-key day!

I've been playing around with the blog today.  Let me know what you think.  I'm thinking it's time to change things up a bit.  I want to make sure I get it the way I want before I make ALL the changes, so the colors of the lettering may be a little "off" for a while!  BUT, all is good!  You may see something different a few times before I finally get it the way I want!

We are going to lay low today, spend some time with our friends that are in town, hang out with another friend this afternoon, watch some football and then a family dinner tonight.  That is just what we need today.   A low-key day!

I know that after all we have been through this week, I  just want my "peeps" around me and I want to tell all those I love, just how much I love them.  You never know what tomorrow brings.

So, a quick post today to let you all know that I so appreciate each and every one of you.  For being there for me, for sending me uplifting words, praying for me and my friends and for just reading my blog.  It means the world to me, you will never know how much!

Thank you!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Brian's tribute

This is a guest post from Brian:

Today we bury my friend, Craig Doubledee.  Craig was a kind and gentle soul who would do anything he could to help.  he would help his family and friends and neighbors with whatever needed done.

Dana and I met Craig and Hermina through our kids daycare and sports.  We have 2 kids that are the same age, went to the same school and played the same sports.  We spent a lot of time riding the bleachers together and we became fast friends.

Craig and I had been on a lot of hunting and fishing trips, we laughed and cussed and bragged over the funny, dumb and wonderful things our kids were doing.  Everyone was happy to hear Craig was going hunting with us because he ALWAYS packed the BEST cooler.  We knew we wouldn't starve when  Craig was there.  I have lived for several days off nothing but Craig's deer sausage and custom bloody mary mix.

Craig carried a shotgun with the longest barrel they made.  He said it made him a better shot because the end of the gun was "closer to the birds".

Our last fishing trip up north was our first time using live leeches.  We ended up making my son Jake bait our hooks for us because as Craig said " they are just too creepy".

Craig was one of those guys you just wanted to be around.  I will miss him.

Rest in Peace my friend

Friday, September 7, 2012

Niagara Falls

Thought I'd share some of the photos of Niagara Falls.  So beautiful.

We do plan to go back another time, it was a great place.

I do want to give props to Hampton Inn.  They were very understanding of our need to check out early.  They didn't charge us for the full reservation and were helpful and kind. The hotel room was very clean and comfortabe and I highly recommend them if you travel to Niagara Falls yourself.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

no words

I really don't have words to describe my day yesterday.  Brian and I were in one of the most beautiful places in the United States, Niagara Falls, however we found out about the passing of our very close friend.  In just one phone call, all that beauty fades.

We were on a bus tour when I got the phone call and to say that we were in shock is an understatement.  I mean, we had just spent part of the weekend with Craig and Hermina, how could this be true?  Of course then you question, why?  While I don't have that answer, I am trying to rely on faith that some day I will know it.

We had to finish our bus tour and then we bailed on them when we could rand walked back to the hotel and loaded up and headed home.

We have been friends with Craig and Hermina for years, actually met at our kids' daycare.  We've watched each other's kids grow up and they are also our travel buddies.

Craig is one of the most caring men I have known.  He loved his family, truly and deeply.  He was such a faithful friend and a blast to be around.  Oh, the stories I could tell....

I ask that you pray for the Doubledee family, they will have a tough road ahead of them in the coming days.

Craig will be missed by many and our lives will never be the same.

RIP my friend.  We will see you again!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cleveland ROCKS!

We are traveling and as Madelyn says " AGAIN????"  YES!!!

We have always loved to travel and when the boys were little, we decided that as soon as they were own their own and able to take care of themselves, we were going to take EVERY chance we got to travel and see the country!  Of course, we want them to take care of things at home for us, which we are very thankful that they do!!  They are home, holding down the fort, so to speak!  But, we did close the pool before we left, so I imagine they aren't too happy about that, but it means less work for them :)  See kids, we ARE thinking about you!

This time we decided to mark something off the bucket list!  I'm not going to reveal our final destination until tomorrow, but we are here and it is AMAZING!

It has been raining a lot I think Isaac is following us, but we saw the most wonderful rainbow.  It was RIGHT in front of us!  Seemed so close!

Don't mind Brian's feet, I was driving and he had to take the photo!  HA!

We stayed in Cleveland and all I could think about while we were driving into town was the opening scene of the Drew Carey Show where they run around the streets singing Cleveland Rocks!  I wanted to do the same thing, but Brian said it probably wouldn't have as much of an impact with only me.  Darnit!

View from our hotel room.

This was on the headboard of the bed.  Nice to know....

Yesterday we took a little side trip to check out the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame!  That place is HUGE and takes a while to get through, but we loved it!  I LOVE music, so it was my kind of stop!


 We were not allowed to take any pics in the facility itself, hard to put my camera away when there were so many cool things, but I did!

Enjoying ourselves so far!  Can't wait for today, it's the BIG day!

Do you have a bucket list of places to visit?