Sunday, January 31, 2010

Congratulations and cleaning

Teresha@Marlie and Me has won the Jo-Sha giveaway! I hope that you will enjoy them!

I have a few great giveaways coming up, so be sure to check in often!

Welcome to my new readers! I so appreciate each and every one of you. Please let me know if any of you have any specific topics you'd like me to talk about. I LOVE reader requests!

I'm in the process of cleaning out my pantry and fridge. They need it badly. It's almost embarrasing, but part of life I guess. How often do you clean yours?

Here's the before photo of the fridge. I couldn't bring myself to take one of the pantry, it's that bad.....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nick is 21 - lookout world!

The last of the birthdays for this month has come and gone! Yesterday was Nick's 21st. We all braved the snow and ice and went out to dinner. I usually cook their favorite meal and favorite cake, but since Nick was 21, he wanted to purchase ( well, us to purchase) an alcoholic beverage. We picked up Nick and Lauren and met Chase, Meredith and Madelyn at Chatter's. We made a reservation, but it wasn't needed. Not too many people out in this mess. Just so you know, we ended up with about 10 inches of snow with a nice layer of ice underneath. UGH! I don't like winter.
We had a great time and Nick loved his gift - a new tool pouch and his fave chocolate! He also got a Wal-Mart gift card. Exciting for sure. He buys movies like they are going out of style. So I'm sure that he will put this to good use!

It's so hard to believe that Nick is 21. It seems like it was yesterday he was running around the house asking for a bwana (banana).
Hope you had a wonderful night, son! I love you!!
I am going to attempt some stretching or yoga today. I have yoga paws and will be posting a review soon! My back is slowly getting better. Wondering if I should go to the chiropractor or just get another massage or both or neither..... Oh, the choices I have. :)

I am really missing my workouts, I haven't been able to workout since Monday. I'm thinking I'll take it easy over the weekend and then be ready for Monday again. I'm also missing my weights. Considering adding ChaLEAN Extreme to my Insanity workouts. More choices!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Reader Request!

I had a reader request asking if I would post what I eat. Well, here is yesterday's eats. I had a good day with clean eating ( I feel that I need to be meticulous with my eating when I can't workout!). Some days are just as good others are a little more snacky. When I am working out hard with Insanity or P90X, I am just more hungry.

To start my day I had Shakeology. This is usually what I have every day for breakfast. Occasionally I will have oatmeal, but most days it is Shakeology! If you aren't familiar with Shakeology, check it out here.
Lunch was beans n rice. I love having beans and rice. I know that I am getting my protein in and I use a brown rice and quinoa combo that is really tasty! I added red pepper, onion, Wholly Foods guacamole, Vegannaise, cilantro, salsa and mango! I did have a few blue corn tortilla chips on the side. I think I forgot those in the photo!

My afternoon snack was a corn muffin (from Alicia Silverston's Kind Diet cookbook - love it!) with some almond butter and polaner seedless blackberry jelly and a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was made with almond milk and it was sooo tasty! I added a small spoonful of coconut creme to the top! So good!

Dinner was a stir fry salad. I just took whatever veggies I had in the fridge and stir-fried them in a little coconut oil. Served over spinach greens with a drizzle of "cheez" sauce. I made the cheez sauce from Ani Phyo's cookbook, Raw Food Kitchen and mixed it with a little water and nutritional yeast. I also added in a few raw sunflower seeds.

I was a little snacky in the evening, so I cut up a banana and added in a tablespoon of Nuttzo nut butter!

Nuttzo nut butter is sooo GOOD! It is a combo of valencia peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, flax seeds, brazil nuts and sunflower seeds. No added sugar and 50% of your omega 3's that you need daily! All organic and kosher. Another thing I love about Nuttzo is that they support 1% of the sales goes to Project Left Behind. If you are lucky enough to live in CA, you can find Nuttzo in many stores, if you are like me then you can order online!

Follow Nuttzo on facebook.

It was a great day of good food and no guilt! Do you feel guilty if you have a not-so good eating day?

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I must make a confession. I am a chip eater. I LOVE chips. Any kind will do, thank you. I am on the lookout for great chips and I think I have found them. popchips! These things are GREAT! When I was in school ( many moons ago ) I used to love muncho's. Most days I would get the BBQ sandwich, muncho's and a drink. (Don't judge, I didn't know better....) popchips! are mucho better than muncho's.

popchips! recently sent me a cool box of snacking heaven! The family was all here for dinner and of course, they had to try them. I opened the plain ones and they were good. My father-in-law loved them and kept eating and eating them. The kids couldn't wait to try some of the flavors. Sour Cream and onion and Cheddar were opened right away. They are a hit!

Last night Brian and Jason came over to work out, since I am resting my back ( It is better by the way), I decided to eat a bag of chips while they worked out ( I KNOW!). They both loved the Salt and Black Pepper pop chips! Of course, they had to try them also.

I have Salt and Vinegar and BBQ left to try. I'm hoping that the BBQ will take me back to my old school days.

popchips! are not fried or baked.

from popchips! website:

The Magic of Popping
Popping is a way of making our all-natural chips. We start with wholesome potatoes, add a little heat and pressure, along with a little snack magic. And pop! It's a chip.

All natural.
Nothing fake or phony.

Our all-natural pledge: no fake colors, no fake flavors, no preservatives, no fluorescent orange fingertips, and no wiping your greasy chip hand on your jeans. No, really. We only use ingredients you can feel good about eating. And we leave out the bad stuff, like hydrogenated oils and msg, that give snacking a bad name. Because popchips™ brand chips have no preservatives, make sure to get a good chip clip after opening the bag to keep our popped chips fresh. Or better yet, just eat them all at once.

Find a retailer near you. If you can't find them, order online or print out the ask for some flyer to take to your favorite store.

Grab a bag or two today. They are really good and a healthier choice than regular chips!
Check out popchips! on facebook and twitter and you tube!
Now, raise your hand and repeat the snacker's credo with me:

We, the snackers of the world, raising our right hands out of the chip bag, do solemnly swear to engage in more recreational eating; to throw more popcorn in the air to catch in our mouths; to double-dip into the onion dip as necessary; and to spoil our dinners on a regular basis.
Thank you to popchips! for the sample pack. The opinions stated are my own and no compensation was provided.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What the heck happened?

I was working out Monday night at fit club and all of a sudden my back was just done. I mean D.O.N.E. I tried stretching it out, laying flat on the floor and nothing was helping. So, I just watched the rest of the group workout and cheered them on while grimacing in pain. I took some aleve and grabbed the ice and rested. Got up the next morning not able to stand straight and shuffled around as much as I could. So, I called Connie, my massage therapist. Luckily she had a cancellation and off I went. ( Jake actually drove me since I had taken a muscle relaxer, got to be safe).

She decided that it was probably my psoas muscle. I had to do some deep breathing as she tried to get the muscle to relax. She went in through my belly and I had to move my leg around and then the pain came. I broke out in a cold sweat, thought I might throw up all the while continuing to breathe deeply in and out in a steady beat. She finally got it to release and things settled down. I got off the massage table and I was able to stand up straight again. She told me it would be sore for a while ( she wasn't joking here people) and that I should lay off the workouts for a few days. I also can't sit for long periods and need to lay flat or be upright.

On to a better topic. Last night I was on facebook ( I might be a little addicted to facebook btw.) and someone mentioned how cool the moon looked. Well, I couldn't ignore that so I went out to check it out. I tried to take a photo, but it didn't turn out so I will have to use one from the farmers almanac site. This is what it looked like:

It is called a lunar halo. It was really cool and I hadn't ever seen one. I checked it out online and it said that folklore says that it is an indicator of a storm to come. We are supposed to get all kinds of ice and snow on Thursday. It also said that the number of stars in the halo is how many days until the storm. There was one star inside the halo. I called my mom so she could see it and told her to be sure to tell the nephews to go out as well.

Have you ever seen the moon like this?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fit Club Workout!

Most Mondays, I offer a free fit club workout in my home. I highlight one of the great Beachbody workouts and we sample Shakeology or the P90X Recovery drink and talk a little about fitness and being healthy! We have so much fun and I enjoy getting to spread the Health! I send out an email each week that highlights the workout we will be doing and I also include a healthy recipe. Most of the time, my recipes are vegan, but I have been known to throw in a meat-eater recipe. :) If you would like to be added to the email list, please let me know. It's okay if you don't live in my town, you can still find out about the workouts and get the great recipes. Email me at to be added to the email list.

Today's recipe is Potato Leek Soup. It's been unusally warm here, but we are going to get cold weather this week again with the possibility of snow or freezing rain. Nothing warms me up better than a great bowl of soup!

Leeks give lots of iron-rich mineral nourishment while the garlic and onions add immune-boosting heart healthy benefits. This recipe is from The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick Goudreau. It is one of my favorite cookbooks. I have so many cookbooks, it's crazy, but I use them all the time. I really enjoy cooking! It's a little crowded and messy, but that's kinda how I roll!

Here's this week's Fit Club Featured Recipe:

Potato Leek Soup - The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick Goudreau

1 Tbsp nondairy, nonhydrogenated butter (Earth Balance) olive oil or water for sauteing.

4 leeks, white and light green parts, washed and sliced into 1/4 inch slices

4 garlic cloves, minced or pressed

5 large-size yellow potatoes (such as Yukon Gold), pleeled and cut into 1/2 inch cubes

7 cups vegetable stock (store bought or homemade)

2 tbsp minced fresh tarragon,plus extra for garnish (optional)

Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste


Heat nondairy butter ina large-size soup pot over med heat. Add leeks and onion, and saute for 5-7 mins, stirring often, until onion begins to turn translucent. Add garlic and cook for 1 min longer.

Add potatoes, vegetable stock (or water with bouillion cubes) and tarragon. Cover and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer. Cook for 20 mins or until potatoes are soft when pierced with a fork

Remove soup from heat and use an immersion blender to blend the soup in the pot or ladle soup into a blender or food processor, adding one cup at a time. Pour soup into a large bowl or ceramic soup container and continue until you have blended all of the soup.

Transfer blended soup back to original pot and warm over low heat until heated through. Season with salt and pepper. Serve hot, with fresh tarragon sprinkeled on top if desired.

To leave the soup chunky, only puree half. For an easier time, roast onions and leeks before adding them to the soup.

Serves 8: Per serving: 250 calories, 5 g fat, 8 g protein, 45 g carbohydrate, 5g dietary fiber, 2 mg cholesterol, 1437 mg sodium

Paired with a side salad and a nice crusty bread, this is a perfect meal! Hope you enjoy it!

This week's workout is Chalean Extreme! I love this one. It is perfect for gaining muscle! Muscle burns fat!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Girls Night In!!

I am so blessed to be in touch with several of my high school girlfriends. Brian is out of town hunting this weekend (yes, I am worrying to death about him), so my girlfriends are coming to the rescue. Girls Night In! More fun than girls night out..... This is the guys dressed in their hunting gear. They kept saying they wouldn't show up in the photo since they are in camo.... BOYS!!!!

Mendy was kind enough to invite me over to her house for dinner on Wed night. Her family is just adorable and we had a lot of laughs as usual! Susan and Robin joined us and it was a mini-girl/family night!

I just got finished making cookies (not so healthy ones too) and portabello chili for our feast. Everyone will bring something, games will be played and fun and laughs will be had!

Portabello chili:
Marilu Henner

Serves 4

2 tbsp olive oil
1 large onion, chopped
2 large cloves of garlic, minced
8 oz. portabella mushrooms, cleaned and coarsely chopped
2 Tbsp ground cumin
1 Tbsp chili powder
1 (35 oz) can of tomatoes undrained and coarsely chopped
1 (15 oz) can of kidney beans, drained in a large saucepan

Heat oil over medium high heat. Add the onion and garlic and cook until onions are translucent.

Add mushrooms and cook until soft.

Add the cumin, chili powder, tomatoes, beans and bring to a boil.

Reduce heat and let simmer for 1 hour. Serve immediately.

This is just one of the many wonderful recipes you can get over at You should definitely check out the website if you are looking for a great place to hang out and learn how to be healthy and meet some of the most amazing people!
Marilu's book Total Health Makeover is what got me started on my health journey. I can never thank her enough!! Since then, I have read all of her books and own every single one. I refer to them often! Check them out at your local library or you can purchase them on Total Health Makeover, Healthy Life Kitchen, Healthy Kids, 30 Day Total Health Makeover, Party Hearty and Wear Your Life Well.

Is there someone that has impacted your life? Tell me about it! I'd love to hear your story

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Do you tweet? I hang out on twitter for a while each day, atleast I try to make an appearance. I think it is a lot of fun to think of interesting things to say in 140 characters or less. Some days, I'm a little more "wordy" than 140 characters, some days I can say all I need to in a few words.

I recently had Jessica over at This, That and Your Blog re-design my twitter page. I think it turned out so cute! My little fit girl is there and of course, my favorite orange and blue background.

Jessica is a most patient person!!! She has helped me with my blog design, my business cards and now my twitter page. She just takes my ideas and makes them come to life! I LOVE that!

So, please stop by and check out my new twitter page and also show Jessica some love as well! If you are looking to have some work done, please be sure and check her out. She does an amazing job and is so affordable!

Thanks Jessica for being so sweet and patient with me :)

What is one of your best "tweets"? Be sure to share in the comments. We can vote on our favorite!

Mine would have to be:

motivational: I want to be a force of positive change in people's lives.....

workout related: If U wnt 2 achieve the best workouts, hit the gym in the morning. yr metabolism slows during zzz, so morning exercise gives it a jump-start!

funny: so it turns out I'm not very funny..... LOL!

After all that, if you still want to follow me on twitter, click here!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jo-Sha - be clean, be calm

Keeping your yoga mats or gym equipment clean can be difficult. Jo-Sha wipes have made this so much easier and they come in several different aromas. These wipes can be used not only for your mat or equipment, but also for your hands or feet.

The wonderful thing about these cleaning wipes is the aromatherapy aspect. These wipes smell so good. Lavender is soothing, tangerine is uplifting and there are many scents to choose from. Jo-Sha wipes are all natural and I love knowing that they will not harm my body or the mat. They are also bio-degradable and naturally anti-bacterial.

I've been keeping these in my workout area and have thrown some in my purse and car. They are handy and easy to use! I use them on the yoga mats in the gym area and they are great! They don't leave the mats sticky, it dries quickly and smells so good and clean. The wipes are also handy in the car and in my purse.

The wonderful people at Jo-Sha sent me enough wipes that I can offer up a giveaway! I have a large pack of Lavender and Tea Tree wipes and sample sizes of different scents.

To enter:

1) Head over to Jo-Sha's website and pick which scent you think you'd like best. Come back here and leave me a comment.

2) Become a follower of Feeling Fit With Dana, leave me a comment

3) Tweet about this giveaway: @Danamoritz I hope I win the Jo-Sha cleansing wipes from Feeling Fit With Dana:

4) Become a fan of Feeling Fit With Dana on facebook , leave me a comment

5) Blog about this giveaway on your blog, be sure to leave me a link

Please leave a comment for each entry. Winner will be chosen on Jan 30 by random. org. Winners will have 48 hours to contact me or a second chance drawing will be held!

Be calm.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Birthday!

January is such a busy month for us! All of our boys have their birthdays in Jan. So, we have celebrated Jake's big day and now it is Chase's day! Chase is 25 today. I can't believe that it has been 25 years now. It just doesn't seem possible. It seems like just yesterday that he was a little guy running around.

We celebrated last night with a build your own pizza party with the whole family and the required chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and cherry pie filling on top and then a wii tourney! We had a lot of fun, Chase opened his gifts and of course we all got to play with Madelyn!

Now we have 10 more days until Nick's birthday.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


To Judy! She won the Stirlen Mat Refresher and Wipes! YAY!!!!! I hope you enjoy them!

Beachbody Home Party

Today I am hosting a Beachbody Home Party for my niece Cassie who recently signed up to be a coach! I have a lot to get done before the party starts. Clean much? I think so! I need to eat a good breakfast, workout and clean, get organzied and get the giveaways ready. I think I should have started yesterday, but that is probably a post for a different day on my procrastination!

So today's post will be brief and about Beachbody! I have had so much fun being a Beachbody coach! I love my job! I love helping people figure out what workout they will like and actually do.

We are going to watch Beachbody Solutions, sample Shakeology and the P90X bars. We are also going to do a workout. Get out of those seats people, this is an interactive party.....

I'll be sure to take some photos, we are going to have a GREAT time!

Did you know that Pink is doing P90X? She has been in several interviews lately talking about her workout routine. Women's Health Jan/Feb 2010 issue on page 42:

You've been touring for more than a year now. How do you stay fit on the road?

Ever hear of (the workout videos) P90X? my brother and his wife are both in the Air Force, they do marathons and triathlons. I went to visit and (she was doing P90x). I couldn't keep up with her and she'd just had her first baby four weeks before. I was like, This is bulls***! I will perfect this thing! So, usually, I wake up and do an hour of cardio, then an hour of P90X or yoga, then a half-hour of warm-up (during show rehearsal). I do that six days a week.

Isn't that crazy? 2 1/2 hours of working out every day. It is paying off, she is in amazing shape!

I'm leaving you all today with a Beachbody video. If you see something you'd like, you can order at or email me and I'll help you figure out how to get started on your health journey!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sun Warrior Protein

I think my internet is finally fixed. I've been crossing my fingers, toes and anything else that will cross and holding my breath. It's been 2 days and no problems. Whew, it's been a week. Not only the modem and router having problems, wires were loose on the house and the lines were messed up somewhere up the street. I have to say that the A T & T technicians that came out were very nice and did a good job!

I recently received a vegan protein powder by Sun Warrior. I've been using it and have to say that I really like it! I have used it along with my Shakeology to get some extra protein. I have been doing the PCRM's 21 day vegan kickstart and want to make sure that I am getting all the protein my body needs and Sun Warrior is helping! I also made protein ice cream and have to say it was pretty good. I made it for myself on Jake's birthday so I didn't feel left out when I didn't eat any cake!! I got the recipe from Peas and Thank You. Be sure to check out her website, she has a LOT of good recipes!

Sun Warrior describes their protein as:

The ultimate anti-aging protein designed for athletes, body builders, and health enthusiasts. Ideal for those who want to lose fat, build muscle mass and be extremely healthy and fit.

If you are looking for a great protein powder that is plant based, you have to try this one! It so much better for your body than whey protein powders.

Smoothie Recipe:

This super shake requires no blender and is for people "On the Go" looking for a quick meal replacement (shaker jar required):

The Gladiator:

1 to 2 scoops of Sun Warrior Protein (any flavor)

1 tbsp Sun Warrior Activated Barley

Healthy fats: Your choice of 1 tbsp of Flax oil, Hemp oil, or Coconut oil

8 to 12 oz water & ice (shake well)

This smoothie will deliver a great source of protein and a slow burning carbohydrate that will keep you satisfied and energetic for hours.

Protein Ice Cream (from Peas and Thank You)

•1 scoop vanilla protein powder
•1/4 c. silken tofu
•1 c. frozen strawberries
•ice cubes
•1/4 t. guar gum
•1/4 c. almond milk

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have had a reader request to talk about how to stay motivated when working out and eating healthy. This is really hard and is so different for every person.

My best advice is to just do it! It takes 21 days to create a new habit. That is just 3 weeks. If you work out for 5-6 days every week for 3 weeks, you will have created a new habit that will be easier to stick with.

Get a workout buddy! It's more fun to workout with someone else. You will stick with it if someone else is counting on you. If you don't have anyone that will work out with you. Sign up for a free account at and I'll send out invites and we can work out together in the virtual gym. Even though we aren't in person working out, if you set a time and know that you have someone meeting you online, you are more apt to stick with it! If you sign up and want to work out with me, let me know so I can send you the invite. I work out in the mornings and again at 5:30 PM CT.

If you are trying to lose weight, then post a photo of yourself when you were thinner on your fridge. If you are looking at it daily, you will be more inclined to get those workouts in and not eat what you shouldn't.

Also, remember how you feel when you workout and eat right. You know that you are going to feel better, look better and even sleep better.

Keep a journal and a to-do list. You have to schedule your workouts just like you would any other appointment. Put it in your phone, set a reminder and get it done. Lay out your workout clothes and shoes so that you see them first thing when you get up in the morning. I do recommend that you workout first thing. This way you won't have something come up that will be an excuse not to workout. AND, let's face it. It's way to easy to find something else to do. Get it done first thing. You will have more energy throughout the day!

So in 3 weeks you can have a new healthy habit and be on your way to your fitness goals! I love having workout buddies, so get in touch with me and let's workout together in the virtual gym! You will have a chance to win up to $1000 or other cool prizes ( ipods, cameras and camcorders!) That is motivation in and of itself.

If you have any other questions, please post them here or email me directly -!

I hope that my internet is back up today. They've been working on it all day. :) Keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So sorry

I am sorry that I have not been posting. Our internet is having a bit of a problem, read: not working at all! I am borrowing a friends computer to let you all know that as soon as I get it fixed, I'll be back!

In the meantime, don't forget to eat clean and push play. Do a fun exercise today. Put some music on and dance around the house. Do some cardio house cleaning ( set the timer for 30 mins and get as much done as possible) or just play with your kids or spouse. This is a great way to get a little extra movement in.

Have a great day and I hope to be back soon!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

NuNaturals Stevia

Oh my Goodness, I got the best goodie box of wonderful products from NuNaturals. I have been in stevia heaven the last couple of weeks.

The NuStevia Baking blend is just great. It makes it so much easier to use stevia in baking. You just use it cup for cup in place of sugar. YIPPEE!!! I made peanut butter choc chip cookies. Can you say YUM????? These were a hit with everyone in the family. I used the recipe sent to me by NuNaturals (
Peanut Butter Cookies
1 cup of peanut butter (your choice, creamy or chunky) I used almond butter)
1 cup NuNaturals NuStevia Baking Blend or their MoreFiber Blend (I used the baking blend)
1 large egg ( I used a flax "egg" 1 tbsp ground flax seed and 3 Tbsp water)
1 tsp baking soda

I also added in a handful or so of chocolate chips!
Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray baking sheet with non-stick spray. Beat everything together well. Roll into small balls and put 1: apart on baking sheets. Flatten with fork in cross-hatch pattern. Sprinkle a few crushed peanuts, flax seed etc on top (Optional, but good) Bake larger cookies 11-13 mins, smaller cookies 9-10 mins. (Remember there is carryover cooking after removing from oven, therefore you may want to remove them when you think the are slightly underdone!)

The cookies didn't last very long around here.

I've been carrying the NuStevia Clear Stevia drops in my purse. It's so handy to have when I get some tea.

The NuStevia White Stevia Powder Packets ar also good to have one hand. It instantly dissolves in either hot or cold liquids. I love the NuNaturals Pure Liquid Vanilla Stevia, Alcohol Free drops. Oh so much.

Vanilla Lemonade:
Juice 1 lemon
16 oz water
1 packet of NuStevia White Stevia Powder Packets
Several drops of NuNaturals Pure Liquid Vanilla Stevia ( I didn't count)
Mix all of the above in a shaker cup and then pour over ice and Enjoy! I know that it is cold, but this is a great way to get more water in your diet and it is sooo refreshing on a hot day!

The other product that I have been playing around with is the NuNaturals Pure Liquid Cocoa Bean Extract. This product has all the antioxidant power of a whole bar of chocolate at about the same cost, but without the fat and calories. It aslo is higher in levels of phenolics and flavonoids than Green tea, black tea and red wine. So, tasty. I have been enjoying a few drops in my oatmeal. YUMMY!

NuStevia is not bitter or powdery tasting like other kinds of stevia I have tried. They also have a NoCarb Blend. These are high quality, good tasting products.

I want to thank NuNaturals for providing me with these products to review. I received no compensation and the opinions are my own.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random posting!

Today is Jake's birthday. He's the baby of the family! Don't tell him I said that, he'd probably get really mad! He is 19 today! I can't believe that. Really. It just seems like yesterday that he was a toddler running around asking for a wittle weiner dog name Petwie. He had a problem saying his R's and L's, but it was sooo cute. He never got his little weiner dog, but he does have a cute dog - Roxy. Jake graduated from high school and has been working in construction, picking up jobs when he can. He came home (he just moved back in) and told us that he is going to go to firefighter academy. We are so excited for him. I think he will LOVE it! Classes 3 nights per week and all day on Saturday. He'll be able to work and attend school. Sounds like a good plan to me! Happy Birthday Jake! I love you!

We went to see Avatar last night. It was sooo good. I had decided that I wasn't going to go. It was so expensive since you have to purchase the 3-D glasses with your ticket. I'm a cheapskate when it comes to movies. $10.50 for the matinee was just crazy. BUT, our friends called and said they wanted to go and I'm always up for fun with Craig and Hermina! So, we met them at the show and I am so glad that we went. It is worth every penny. People even appluaded at the end of the movie. We went to dinner afterwards and had some good food too! I had pasta with Spicy Marinara and a side salad with no cheese! I did have a little of the bread, but I'm okay with that!

Just look at how great we looked with our glasses!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Another great giveaway!

The great people at Stirlen have offered me to host a giveaway! You can try out the 8 oz mat refresher and the mat refresher wipes yourself!

These products can be used on yoga mats, gym equipment, whatever you want to use them on!

to enter the contest:

1) Head over to Stirlen's website and check out all their great products and come back and post what product you would like to try.

2) Become a follower of my blog (just say if you already follow)

3) Become a fan of Feeling Fit With Dana on facebook (just say if you already are a fan)

4) Tweet, facebook or blog about this giveaway ( leave me a link)

That is it! Get entered today :) Drawing will be on January 14, 2010 by You can leave one comment for all 4 entries, just make sure that you mention all that you have done!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stirlen Mat Refresher

I have been incorporating more yoga in my exercise life and I love my new yoga mat!! I want to keep it nice and new looking. I think I've stated before that the sweatier the yoga the better for me! It can get a little stinky and germy from all that sweat. Especially if other people use your mat - eeeewwww!

Luckily I found Stirlen Mat Refresher! I have been really enjoying using these mat wipes and the spray. These are good for mats or other equipment at the gym or home. They can be used on vinyl, rubber, chrome and even your own hands and feet. They have a nice citrusy smell.

Stirlen products are bio-degradable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. They are also plant based.

The products are small enough that you can throw them in your gym bag to take with you wherever you work out.

Here is a great video on how to clean your mat with Stirlen Mat Refresher.

Namaste my friends!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Manifestation Board

Got my board done today. I've been really thinking about what I wanted on it, then got started with cutting and pasting. It's like I went back to school :) I had a great time picking out things that go along with my goals and inTENtions for 2010! I'm happy with how it turned out!

Do you make a manifestation/vision board? If so, I'd love to see yours!! If you are unfamiliar with these boards, you just focus on things you want to achieve in the coming year. I bought posterboard, went through some magazines for my photos and then found some cute stickers to put on it to dress it up a bit!

Look for a new review tomorrow!! Hope you all have a great night, stay warm out there!

Eco Tools winners!

Congratulations to my lucky readers Jules, Sarah and Cheryl. Comments number 19, 1 and 8 were the winners of the beautiful Eco Tools Alicia Silverstone overnight bags. I just sent each of you an email. You have 48 hours to respond or I'll have to have a second chance drawing!

Congrats :)

Monday, January 4, 2010


I have really been trying to incorporate more yoga into my exercise routine. I love the way I feel when I do yoga regularly, not to mention the fact that I am more flexible and that is always a good thing.

One of the problems I have with yoga is that I get sweaty and then my feet and hands start slipping on the mat. I got a great yoga mat from Aurorae, but the sweat still comes and is hard to hold those positions.

I was so glad to find Toesox. These socks have a non-slip sole with superior grip and can be used for other activities than yoga ( pilates, dance, martial arts). They have a 5 toe design which helps to strengthen muscles and ligaments and it also increases blood circulation. They also protect your feet from germs if you are in a public setting. They are made with organic cotton and also reduce the moisture and friction on your feet and in between toes.

I think I liked the half toe sox the best. I felt that I had more grip with my toes exposed. Don't ask me why, I can't answer that one LOL!

Toe Sox come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. So cute, there is something for everyone! Check mine out.

I chose the solid colors, but the stripes look so fun!

ToeSox can be thrown in the washer in cold water, be sure to turn them inside out to protect the gripping dots! Best to hang dry. If you order a pair, be sure to check out the sizing chart and order accordingly. Don't order up a size, you want the sox to fit like a glove and perform properly.

If you are looking for a great way to make your yoga workouts (or other workouts) more comfortable and better, then you must check out ToeSox! Follow ToeSox on Twitter and Facebook!

Brian got me the Trudie Styler Warrior Yoga for Christmas and I tried it yesterday with the ToeSox! I liked it, it wasn't as "sweaty" as I would've liked, but I think it will find its way into my yoga routine. I still like my Tony Horton's One on One Fountain of Youth Yoga best! I used to do Bikram Yoga and I LOVED it! Talk about sweaty yoga, but then the instructor left town and no more classes. Bummer!

Do you like to do yoga? Do you prefer classes to vidoes? What is your fave yoga?