Saturday, September 8, 2012

Brian's tribute

This is a guest post from Brian:

Today we bury my friend, Craig Doubledee.  Craig was a kind and gentle soul who would do anything he could to help.  he would help his family and friends and neighbors with whatever needed done.

Dana and I met Craig and Hermina through our kids daycare and sports.  We have 2 kids that are the same age, went to the same school and played the same sports.  We spent a lot of time riding the bleachers together and we became fast friends.

Craig and I had been on a lot of hunting and fishing trips, we laughed and cussed and bragged over the funny, dumb and wonderful things our kids were doing.  Everyone was happy to hear Craig was going hunting with us because he ALWAYS packed the BEST cooler.  We knew we wouldn't starve when  Craig was there.  I have lived for several days off nothing but Craig's deer sausage and custom bloody mary mix.

Craig carried a shotgun with the longest barrel they made.  He said it made him a better shot because the end of the gun was "closer to the birds".

Our last fishing trip up north was our first time using live leeches.  We ended up making my son Jake bait our hooks for us because as Craig said " they are just too creepy".

Craig was one of those guys you just wanted to be around.  I will miss him.

Rest in Peace my friend