Friday, September 14, 2012

I needed that!

Sometimes life gets in the way of all the fun things we want to do.  So, sometimes birthday celebrations take place days after the date.

Yesterday was one of those days!

Birthday fun with my girls!

Denisa and I met up and went to the Webb City Business Expo ( not a lot there, but I am guessing it will grow from year to year).  Enjoyed looking around and seeing friends!

Then it was time for dinner!  YAY!  We met up at Mohaska Farmhouse.  It is a cool place, the food is good and we had a WONDERFUL TIME!  The only drawback about the place is that the parking is an issue.  Susan ended up parking across the street and had to run in the rain ( across MAIN at a busy time), but we managed. It was COLD!  I can't believe how much the temperature dropped with the rain (25 degrees in just a short time, not ready for summer to be over....)

We ordered pizza's - DELICIOUS! and of course had to try the chocolate bread.  I liked it, the others not so much....

Then we headed over to Joplin Ave Coffee.  It was so cold, we all wanted something hot to drink!  Hot chocolate was the drink of choice, I just had mine a little different ( with almond milk), but the absolute BEST part is getting to be with my friends!  We missed Robin and Mendy, but we made the most of our time together!

Talking, eating, drinking and hugs!

I am so blessed to have such wonderful caring friends!  Thanks girls!  I needed that!