Thursday, September 13, 2012

Every day should start like this

Imagine waking up, heading out to the kitchen, enjoying your shakeology and then the greatest sound in the world:  NONA and GRUMPY, I brought PRINCESS CANDYLAND!    What is a Nona and Grumpy to do, well, we play candyland in our pajamas and love every single minute of it!

Grumpy changed out of his pajamas before we started playing, what's up with that?

I wish I had some cute monkey pj's.

We had a good day.  Of course, every Wednesday is Madelyn day.  She wanted pancakes for lunch, so that is what she got!  The only thing she didn't get was to watch a movie, the dvd player is broken.  Oh, and getting out of nap time, that isn't going to happen.  Nona needs a nap for sure on Wed!

I tried to get Grumpy to play Candyland this morning, but he wasn't having any part of it.  Guess it will be a Wednesday only thing!