Wednesday, September 19, 2012

She does my heart good!

I had the best surprise last night!  Chase, Meredith and Madelyn came by to drop off my car.  They had borrowed it while their car was in the shop.  It was a quick visit, they had other things to do.  Chase popped in dropped off the keys, said a quick hello and was back out the door.  A few seconds later, he popped back in and asked if I could say hello to Madelyn, she needed to see me.  Of course, this made me happy and I was thrilled to do so!  Walked out to the car and Madelyn started crying.  No one knew what was wrong.  She wanted to stay with me for a while.  So, being Nona, I said, "sure, come on in".  Meredith warned me she hadn't eaten and I told her I thought I could handle it!  Madelyn just needed some Nona time!

She was only here for a couple of hours, but we had a blast.  Watched a little Clifford, ate some crackers, cheese and strawberries, played babies and I got a LOT of hugs!

Talk about giving an old gal a MUCH NEEDED boost!  We laughed and planned our day for today.  She wants to make cupcakes, paint her toenails and go shopping.  Oh boy, I think we might be in trouble!

I'm looking forward to today and can't wait to spend more time with her.  She does my heart good!


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