Thursday, September 29, 2011

Habit or Addict?

I somehow broke my laptop yesterday....  I have half a screen left that I can see and unfortunately, it is the wrong half.  So, I'm going to have to get it fixed.  Thankfully, it is under warranty, but it will be taking up to 6 weeks.  That is a LONG time for me to be without a computer, so instead of driving Brian crazy wanting to use his all the time, I'm going to get another one, then sell the old one when it is fixed.  Win, win!!  I may be addicted....

I went out shopping for a new one yesterday, but didn't have any luck.  I'll be back out there today!

One thing that popped into my mind this morning is that I don't get the coffee drinkers.  No offense to anyone, but I don't drink it and therefore don't understand the panic that Brian gets into when he is running low on coffee or his beloved creamer.  I honestly think he likes the creamer more than the coffee.....

The funny part about it is that Brian didn't even start drinking coffee until 2003.  We were working with the Project Graduation Spookhouse and it was COLD!  He was freezing and decided that since coffee was the only hot drink, he'd have some.  He loaded it up with creamer (french vanilla is his flavor of choice) and by the end of the night, decided that it wasn't too bad.  It's even funnier that when I was pregnant with Chase (a LONG time ago), Brian CRAVED coffee. I think it must have been sympathy cravings.   We did have a coffee pot, my Dad drinks it and we had some on hand for when they came to town, so Brian made a pot.  Now, I LOVE the smell of coffee, just can't stand the taste, it really smelled so good in our little house....  Brian took one sip and about choked.  That was all he could stand.  Now it is his drink of choice.  Thank goodness he drinks half caff!!  I think he'd be up all night if he drank regular.  He drinks a full pot of coffee in the morning and then usually has a large cup in the afternoon.  Guess that is how he stays going all day!!

I guess drinking coffee is like any other habit or addidction ( like mine to my computer), so please don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking it, just not my thing!!!

Do you drink coffee?  How do you like yours?  Are you addicted to your computer like me?

Monday, September 26, 2011

always feel like dancing!

Hey Hey Hey!!!  I've had a pretty good day!  I've been on the phone a lot, but got a LOT done today!  I even worked in a  little play time with Brian.  We ran a few errands.  I always have a good time no matter what we do!

I got back on track today with my workouts - thank goodness!  Today was Core 20 and since I just did stretch 40 yesterday - I decided to go for a walk.  Brian joined me and that was even better, however, he was all about the ipod today :)  So, I just got the pandora app on my phone going.  Taio Cruz channel was keeping me stepping quickly!  Always makes me feel like dancing!

Today is also the start of my 10 day shakeology challenge.  I am so excited to see the results.  I am following the Shakeology program to a T!  One shake per day, follow the Shakeology meal plan and working out.  Brian and I took our measurements and photos today so we can document our progress.  If you want to join in on the challenge, let me know.  I have an accountability page on facebook and we are going through the program together!  I just know we will all see great results! 

I made a killer black bean soup tonight.  So delicious.  My friend Robin came over and we enjoyed it and then chatted for a while.  I always laugh my head off when she is around.  Nothing better than that!

I'm tired tonight, so I'm off to bed early - gotta get up early for my workout!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Coming or Going?

It's been another couple of busy days.  I really am meeting myself coming and going these days.

Thursday was a fun day - thank goodness.  Hermina and I went to lunch, shopping and to see The Help (loved it) and then ended our day with a quick stop at Starbucks.  I got my usual chai latte, but had them add in a shot of pumpkin spice.  SOOOO good!

Friday I had Madelyn all day long.  She is getting off her bink (pacifier) and was a bit of a crab and wanted to be held most of the day.  Nap time was a bit of a challenge with the lack of the bink, but we managed. She cried, I almost cried, but we made it. 

Friday night I had a Beachbody coaches meet and greet.  It was for area coaches to get together and meet in person, have some healthy snacks and exchange ideas on how we can end the trend of obesity in our area.  It was a lot of fun and everyone had something to add to the discussion!

Bright and early on Sat morning - 4 AM, I took Nick and Lauren to the airport for their honeymoon trip.  They were so excited and a little nervous as well.  This is the first time for them traveling alone and I think it was the first time Lauren has flown.  They made it safely to Miami and are on the cruise ship right now having a WONDERFUL time.

After getting back, I took a nap - I needed it...., and then Robin and I loaded up and went to the lake.  We both were ready for a little down time.

We took it easy on Sat and had dinner with Bill and Judy (my in-laws) and had a GREAT time.  We read, had a few adult beverages and just chilled.  It was just what we needed.

Today has been a good day as Brian came home from his 4 day fishing trip.  I missed him terribly and was so excited for him to be home.

I made mini peach pies to celebrate and they were delicious!  We've kept it low key tonight, we are both exhausted and I'm ready to get back to my normal routine tomorrow.

I have missed many workouts this last 7 days and I need to get my groove on with Turbo Fire again.  I miss it terribly as well!

Hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend as well. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've had a super busy couple of days!  After the wedding, we had Sunday brunch and Nick and Lauren opened their gifts and boy did they get some great things.  I tried to get them to leave a few things behind, but they managed to get them ALL to their house!!!

We had a photo booth (Expressions Photo Booth) at the wedding and it was so much fun!  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Then on Monday after working in my office in the morning, I took off with a friend to Oklahoma City!  We went to the Salvation Army's Celebration of Hope fund raiser.   Julie's Aunt Barbara was the co-chairperson and she did an amazing job!  I rubbed elbows with the Governor, Anita Bryant and saw some beautiful gowns.

We had dinner at PF Chang's and then went back to the house and crashed. This morning we hit up the outlet mall and had a blast.  I got some great things and then I just saw some, shall we say unusual things......

Boots for $500 - uhm, fur boots with weird heels....

Lunch was at the Elephant Bar.  Delicious!!!

Got home a little while ago and Brian and I are hanging out.  He leaves tomorrow for a fishing trip with Jake and the guys.  I'm sure they will have a great time.

I can't believe how tired I am, but it has been non-stop on the go for a week.  I'm ready for a little down time!

Tomorrow - lunch and a movie with Hermina!!

Can't wait!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

It was a perfect plan b day!

Well, we got the rain that I was hoping would stay away.....  LOTS of it, 6 inches of rain.....  this is not a good thing for an outdoor wedding.

We looked like drowned rats while we were decorating for the wedding.

The original plan was to set up in the tent, but there was about an inch of water in there and it was decided to move everything into the greenhouse.

In the end, it turned out for the best - the space looked beautiful

It was a perfect wedding,   Lauren look stunning, Nick was handsome and it was a BLAST!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The day before....

Wow!  we've had a GREAT day! 

Took it easy this morning,  we lounged and chatted, had our shakes for breakfast and then got ready for a fun-filled day.

We had a little shopping to do, we had to get our nails done, eat some lunch, a little more shopping and then play with Madelyn, even though the poor dear is not feeling well, then dinner with the family (most of us anyway).

Tomorrow is the big day.  Please pray for no rain, the sun to be out and warmer temps.  It's just one day...... LOL!

I'm planning on taking a LOT of photos, getting a video and having a GREAT time!

Lauren has always been a part of our family, but tomorrow it becomes official.  I get another great daughter-in-law!!

We have rehearsed!

We had a good time last night at the rehearsal.

The rehearsal went well, I think I know what I have to do. YAY!  The wedding is going to be so beautiful.  I can't wait!!!

After we were done practicing, the rain started.  BOO!!  So we headed home for the dinner.   It was so cold, I didn't get to wear my new dress, but that is ok.  I don't think anyone wore what they had planned.  I had to even get out a jacket.  I'm praying for warmer weather and no rain on Saturday night! 

Our dinner was fantastic.  We kept it simple with all the kids' favorites.

It's almost here!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ch ch changes....

Well, today was supposed to be a day of cleaning and that didn't go, not that it  is necessarily a bad thing, but it is just a change to my plans.  It's a plan B day!

So today was more about shopping, getting things organized and taking it a little easy.  Yes, I took it a little easy and I'm okay with that.

Got up and had my shake - chocolate bee - I might have a new favorite, jus' sayin'!!

Did my workout - TurboFire 55 and then hit the showers.

I had planned to have the house cleaned today, but now it is being done on Thursday which is better anyway, so I got in the kitchen and made a couple of soups.  I've been making bigger batches and freezing some for later.  It's working well for me now.  Today was potato and broccoli.

So, lunch was a big bowl of potato soup and some triscuit crackers.  YUM!  No one else in my house likes potato soup, so I make it just for little ol' me!  I like it with a ton of onions and garlic.  The house smelled wonderful!

This afternoon I got a little office work done and then got to play with my Madelyn for a while.  She was in a mood and it was just better for her to leave pre-school a little early.  I'm not saying that she got in trouble, just saying she was a bit distracted.  LOL!!!  We played and she had a big snack ( her onies - macaroni in Madelynese)  Even though it was so hot, we played outside but had to cut that time short, so Santa bowling and hide the Santa had to take over.  She loves those nesting Santa's.

After Mads left, I had my dinner - almond joy shakeology.  A classic!  Drank it outside on the deck and read for a while.  Since then, I've been taking it easy and I'm thinking I'll even turn in early tonight.  I'm so tired.  A girl needs her beauty sleep, ya know?

I'd really appreciate a few prayers for perfect weather for us on Saturday.  We have been watching the reports and it started out with 20% chance of rain, now it's 50% chance.  We need the rain, but please not on Saturday....  it's an outside wedding.

Hope you are all having a wonderful, relaxing evening with your loved ones.

Monday, September 12, 2011

This week is going to FLY by!

Goodness, I am just now getting to sit down for a minute.   It's been a busy day to say the least, but I know that my whole week is going to be that way and it is going to fly by!

Started my morning off with my shake - I really need to get to the store because I am completely out of fruit.  So, it was just a plain ol' peanut butter shakeology - I forget how wonderful that tastes!!!  Just like a Reese's Cup.

Workout this morning was TurboFire Fire 30 and ChaLEAN Extreme Burn Circuit 1.  Then I hit the ground running.  We are getting taxes ready for the accountant to finish up, then we rented a duplex, we ran errands, and then I was starving.

Lunch was a big salad with veggies and hummus and balsamic vinegarette and some portabello chili with a couple of crackers.

I love soups and chilis.  I could eat it everyday.  Maybe I will for a while... mmmmm, broccoli soup is sounding pretty good for tomorrow....

Then we were off again......   I had a phone call for Beachbody work and got my homework and then just got it done.  I really decided that if it was going to get done, I needed to do it right away.  So, it is DONE!

Then it was more errands and dinner - another shake.  This time I made the chocolate bee - it was so good.  I will definitely make it again.  Chocolate shakeology, 1 tbsp almond butter and 1 tsp honey.  Delish!

A girlfriend came over and we did a little shopping.  I got the tablecloths and napkins for the big shindig at my house on Thursday!  We are hosting the rehearsal dinner, it's going to be laid back, thank goodness, but I still want it to be very nice for Nick and Lauren.  A trip with a girlfriend just isn't the same without a stop at the bookstore.  I love bookstores.  I could be in there forever, however, I felt like I was cheating on the kindle a bit.....  I didn't buy anything.  I have gotten so MANY free books lately that I don't need anything else right now.  But I love to browse and get some good ideas.  AND I had a great decaf ginger peach tea!

We always have a great time - check out this hat I found
No, I didn't buy it.  I may regret that decision later.....  nah.....

So, now I'm sitting down for a few, watching the Real Housewives and getting this blog post done.  My goal is to post every day this week, I hope I can meet that goal!  I'll do my best!

Countdown is on....