Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Workout Schedule

I have to say that I am really loving the ChaLean Extreme workouts. They are shorter, which makes my family happy. I get to spend more time with them in the evening. I feel like I am cheating my workout some, but I am getting used to it.

Yesterday our group did Burn Circuit 2. This one was hard. I bumped up the weights and tried to push it as hard as I could. I think I managed it. I am ready to get rid of this flab once and for all!

If you are wanting to try a new workout, I highly recommend Chalean Extreme. You can get your copy at Check it out and see what you are missing. If you are afraid that you will get bulky lifting weights, you are wrong. You will get strong, lean and gorgeous. It's only 90 days and you will be on your way to a new, fitter you!

Today is Burn Intervals and Ab Burner. This one is tough.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chalean Extreme

Today is my official start date of Chalean Extreme. I got together with friends and did Burn it off and Recharge. I really liked both of these. Burn it off is a great cardio workout. It got my heart rate up and I was sweating like crazy. Recharge was a great way to bring my heart rate back down and do some stretching. I would like to hold the poses a little longer and I do think I could've done a little more cardio, but I loved them both.

We are doing a test group to see how well this works for all of us. I need to get my eating back under control and figure out some way to eat the amount of protein that is called for. I really don't want to eat much animal protein, but I have added fish and eggs back into my diet for the next 90 days. I'll see how I am doing after 30 days and then re-evaluate.

We took our before pictures and measurements. I wasn't too happy with either, but I know that I am in control of how these will look at the end of the 90 days. I can only be mad at myself if I don't succeed.

We had a scare yesterday with Jake. He dropped a shotgun shell and it went off and hit him in the neck. God blessed us and he only had to have 6 stitches. It could've been a lot worse and I am so thankful that it wasn't.

Tomorrow is a rest day for us and then we will hit it hard with Burn Circuit 2 on Tues.