Sunday, February 22, 2009

ChaLEAN Extreme Push 3

Well, I really like the push phase of the CE workouts! Yesterday we did Push 3. We started with sumo squats - I was able to use 30 lbs for these and ended with lat pullovers. I used 15 lbs for these. I am really building strength quickly. I need to tighten up my diet so I can see some better results weight wise, but toning is happening! YEAH!!!

Yesterday was Brian's birthday. We had the whole family get together for dinner (Brian's favorite - ribs from Woody's) and then we went to the casino. It's strange that all my kids are now old enough to get into the casino! We had a good time and Meredith was the lucky one of the night!

Today we have church this morning, then brunch at Isadora's Wonderful Things. If you haven't been to Sunday Brunch at Isadora's - you MUST get there soon!

Workout today will be CE Burn it off and then we are going to do Tony Horton's One on One Fountain of Youth Yoga. I really need a good yoga workout today. I need to stretch and be challenged at the same time :)

Have a great Spirit Sunday!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Chalean Extreme Push 2

I did push 2 last night with my workout buddies! We had a good time, worked out hard and sweat a lot!

I have really increased my weights. I am lifting 9 lbs for the flys, and using 24 lbs for the lower body workouts. I am ready to bump up to 30 lbs for the next lower body workout. I never thought I'd be lifting this heavy. I LOVE IT! The balance lunges with weights were hard last night. You lunge forward, lift the back leg into a dead lift. I can tell that I haven't been doing as much yoga, my balance is not as good as it used to be. Time to get busy with yoga again.

I'm still waiting on the fit bit to be released. I'm really looking forward to getting it. I had a really good pedometer, but can't find it since we moved. I know it is here somewhere, but not sure where. The Fit Bit does so much more. I can't wait to get my hands on one!!!!

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I'll post tomorrow about Burn Intervals and Extreme Abs!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day!

We went to visit friends for the weekend in Kansas City and had a great time! Brian and I are looking forward to purchasing a RV and travelling. So, we went for the RV show and had so much fun looking and dreaming! It won't be long before we are able to make that purchase and begin our dream of travelling!

One good thing about Beachbody workouts is that I can take them with me. I can do them wherever I happen to be! I took my workouts and my bands and was able to get a little workout in. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing for sure!

The guys decided to cook us gals a vegan meal for Valentine's. It was so much fun with everyone in the kitchen cooking and visiting. The meal was very good. They made mushroom pecan burgers on a bed of lettuce, pasta salad, roasted potatoes with garlic and onion, cashew cheez spread, pumpkin seed pesto and for dessert - chocolate mousse! It was so yummy and the best part was that it was made with love and fun!

Yesterday, I got back to basics with my eating and workouts. We had the fit club class and the group worked out with Chalean Extreme - We did Burn it Off and Recharge. I really like this combo. Burn it off is a great, quick cardio workout and then recharge is a yoga style stretch. Just a great workout all together. Those modified burpees are killer, and in recharge I love the pigeon stretch.

I haven't lost much weight with CE, but I also haven't really changed my diet much either, so I'm not upset over it. My clothes are fitting looser, I'm sure that I am losing inches and things are toning up. I need to purchase some heavier weights. I'm using 24 lbs for the lower body and no lighter than 9 lbs for the flys and usually 12-15 lbs for the upper body exercises. I am building strength and loving it! I think I notice the biggest change in my arms! I'm really liking it!!

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Tonight I am doing CE Push 1. I'll post about this workout and let you all know what I think about it.

Have a great day, push play and eat clean!!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Just finished the Push Circuit 1. Oh My, I think I'll feel that tomorrow :)

I bumped up my weights and didn't use anything less than 12#. I used those for the tricep kickbacks. I used 24# for the squats. I need to get some heavier weights. I think I'll be needing them soon!

I really like the push circuit better than the burn circuit. Not that I didn't like the burn circuit, just like push better.

I'll post again tomorrow about push circuit 2!! Can't wait.


Feb 2, 2009

Wow, it's been a long time since my last post. We have been so busy this month. All of my boys have their birthdays in Jan., we have had a couple of ice storms and lots of regular work going on.

I have finished my first month of Chalean Extreme. I start the push phase today! I will be taking my measurements tonight. I know that I didn't lose any weight, but then again, I didn't really change my diet much. I think I'm still in holiday mode, so that is changing today! It's back to basics for me. I do think I have lost some inches, so only the tape will tell.

I am sooo wanting to get the fit bit! Here's the info on it:

You can wear the Fitbit Tracker loosely in your pocket, clipped to your pants, shirt, bra or to your wrist when you are sleeping. You can wear it all day!

The Fitbit Tracker is wireless. Walk within 25-50ft of the provided basestation and your data will be automatically uploaded to the Fitbit website. The auto-sync software runs on both Macs and PC's.

View calories, steps and distance on the Fitbit Tracker itself. You can login to the Fitbit website to see even more detailed data and also participate in collaborative fitness goals with friends, family and co-workers.

It is supposed to be available the first quarter of 2009. I'll let you know when it is available.

I'll be posting more often again, I need to stay on track with my exercise and my eating for sure.

I'll post again after I get through my first push phase workout! I'll be in WOWY, the online super gym at 5:30 PM CT. I'd love to have you join me. Sign up for no charge at