Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cleveland ROCKS!

We are traveling and as Madelyn says " AGAIN????"  YES!!!

We have always loved to travel and when the boys were little, we decided that as soon as they were own their own and able to take care of themselves, we were going to take EVERY chance we got to travel and see the country!  Of course, we want them to take care of things at home for us, which we are very thankful that they do!!  They are home, holding down the fort, so to speak!  But, we did close the pool before we left, so I imagine they aren't too happy about that, but it means less work for them :)  See kids, we ARE thinking about you!

This time we decided to mark something off the bucket list!  I'm not going to reveal our final destination until tomorrow, but we are here and it is AMAZING!

It has been raining a lot I think Isaac is following us, but we saw the most wonderful rainbow.  It was RIGHT in front of us!  Seemed so close!

Don't mind Brian's feet, I was driving and he had to take the photo!  HA!

We stayed in Cleveland and all I could think about while we were driving into town was the opening scene of the Drew Carey Show where they run around the streets singing Cleveland Rocks!  I wanted to do the same thing, but Brian said it probably wouldn't have as much of an impact with only me.  Darnit!

View from our hotel room.

This was on the headboard of the bed.  Nice to know....

Yesterday we took a little side trip to check out the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame!  That place is HUGE and takes a while to get through, but we loved it!  I LOVE music, so it was my kind of stop!


 We were not allowed to take any pics in the facility itself, hard to put my camera away when there were so many cool things, but I did!

Enjoying ourselves so far!  Can't wait for today, it's the BIG day!

Do you have a bucket list of places to visit?