Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dress up Party!

We have had a fantastic Christmas!  FANTASTIC! 

We met the kids in town for a nice lunch out yesterday after Mom, Dad, Brian and I returned a couple of things and we took Dad through Joplin to see the tornado aftermath.  He hadn't seen it yet.  It is still sobering and sad, but he wanted to see it and we obliged.

Chase and Meredith needed to return a few things and do some shopping, so we had Madelyn last night (darn the luck huh?) and she came prepared for a dress up party!

She really loved everything but the Sleeping Beauty wig. But, she sure wanted everyone else to wear it!

I think Nick wore it best.... He's a pretty man!

Poppaw wore the famous green wig, but would not let me take a photo.  He knew it would end up online!!

We had a big dinner with the family and just enjoyed our time together. 

Today, it is back to reality.  Mom and Dad left this morning because they had to get back to work, The kids all had to go back to work and of course, I need to do the same.

Tonight I am visiting friends I haven't seen in a LONG time.  I can't wait to see them and we are having a big chili feed.  I am making my portabello chili and really looking forward to it!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I love Christmastime!  It seems to me that people are just a tad bit nicer, most people are a tad bit happier and it always includes family for us!

Yesterday, Brian's family came over, we had a big feast.  I kept it pretty easy this year, sandwiches, veggie tray and corn chowder.  Of course, there were sweets - Brian's sister Lisa brought some wonderful cookies and cranberry bread and I made a pumpkin pie.  It was also my baby brother's birthday!  When I was growing up, we always celebrated Christmas on Christmas day since Christmas Eve was Daryl's birthday.  That was HIS special day!

The kids got to open presents and Madelyn loved her new dolls.  She named one of them Susie Lou at Brian's suggestion.... the other two are unnamed as of right now. Nick had something in his eye and had to go to urgent care, Stephanie and Cassie's kids were sick and they didn't get to come.  We were sad to miss them for sure. Everyone had to leave to go to other celebrations, so Brian and I just hung out.

Today, Mom and Dad are coming, the kids will all be back and we will open presents, have another wonderful feast and just enjoy being together!  That is my favorite part!

Merry Christmas to you and your family.  I pray that you are blessed beyond your wildest dreams!!

Thank you to each and every one of you that reads what I have to say.  I really do appreciate you!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

It was supposed to be her special day!

The last few days have been busy as usual, but it has been a different kind of busy.  A FUN busy!  One of my friends, Denisa, (we have been friends since we were little and in grade school) has worked her rear-end off and graduated from nursing school.  This is an accomplishment in and of itself, but she graduated summa cum laude (4.0) for her college career.  This is such a HUGE accomplishment for her and I am so proud of her! 

I invited her to go get a mani/pedi and lunch and whatever else we could come up with for a graduation present and we had a blast on Friday.  We spent the morning together at the salon, did a tiny bit of shopping and had lunch.  She had to spend some time with her family in the afternoon, so we called it a day!  Her toes and fingers looked GORGEOUS!!!!!

Saturday morning I got up and got around - worked out, had my breakfast and headed out to the graduation service.This was supposed to be her SPECIAL DAY!  I met up with Susan and we watched Dee graduate!  When they asked for the students that graduated with a 4.0 only 3 students stood.  That is just how wonderful Dee did!  Top 3 BABY!!!!

We had some finger foods and then headed over to the pinning ceremony.  This was going to be Dee's big moment.  She was getting an award for her hard work.  Her goal during her college career was to achieve the 4.0 grade point average.  This is hard in and of itself, but in nursing school, the grading scale is even harder.  So, extra work is required.  Besides her goal, she wanted to show her kids what you can accomplish when you do work hard.  Michael has been struggling a little in school and she was hoping that this would be an eye-opening moment for him.  To see the hard work pay off with recognition and accolades from the school!

We were so excited for her, her family was there and she had a cheering friends section as well!

As we were reading our booklets and listening to the ceremony, it came time for Dee's recognition, except it didn't happen.  It appears that the director forget about her.  They recognized the other 2 students with awards, plaques and words of praise from their peers and teachers.  But, somehow Denisa was forgotten.  We were very confused, kept looking at our programs and the graduation program (which listed Denisa receiving the award).  The ceremony went on, no mention of it at all. 
Denisa was pinned by her husband Lance and her two sons, Carter and Michael.  It was a proud moment for the family, but Denisa was upset and rightfully so.

After the service was over, the gym was emptying and we were out in the lobby looking for Denisa and her family.  We found Lance and the boys and the rest of her family, but not Dee.  When we found her she was in tears and had been given the plaque.  Evidently she asked one of her teachers why she didn't get the acknowledgment she was supposed to get and they went to find out and were told that she was just forgotten.  Honestly, this is totally unforgivable. Without us knowing it, the director announced to the empty gym, like that would make a difference.  She gave her the corsage she had been wearing, like that would make up for it. 

I felt so bad for her, there was nothing that could be done to make up for it.  Her shining moment had not happened, was gone.  A used corsage is hardly acceptable as an apology.  Quite frankly, it is like a slap in the face in my opinion. 

Lisha decided to find out what happened and why, she talked with the director and while she was apologetic, she had no answer.  What I find so totally strange is the fact that the woman KNEW there were 3 recipients, why didn't she say something when they only handed out two awards?????  It really makes no sense.

We went back to Dee's house for cake and champagne with a heavy heart, but we are still so VERY PROUD of her and what she has done!

After a quick family dinner with Chase and Madelyn, Brian and I headed off to the celebration party!  We had a blast, cussed and moaned about Crowder College's incompentance and danced the night away. 

That is what true friends are for!

Denisa, please know that I know this post does not even come close to making up for what has happened, but I wanted to share with the world just how special you are and how wrong Crowder College Nursing Department was!  We love you and couldn't be more proud of you!  Going back to school as an adult, having to take care of your family as well as all the studying and clinicals and all you went through, you have had a HUGE accomplishment!

As I stated yesterday on facebook before all this went down, "You is smart, you is kind, YOU is important!"


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Puppies always make things better!

I've had a good couple of days. So much fun with friends and family!  I went to lunch with my girlfriends.  It was good to see everyone!

We ate at Pacific Rim.  I like it, I can order the Mongolian BBQ and fix whatever I like ( no meat, lots of veggies), they even have tofu available.  YAY!

Mendy, Denisa and I went shopping after lunch and we had a blast.  Everyone got some gifts and items we needed and we managed to have a little fun in there.

Mendy did an impromptu performance on the stage.  Denisa and I sat in the audience and enjoyed her show!

I tried on some new glasses,

Dee had on an adorable top hat that will look great at her graduation, but the photo is gone.  You will have to use your imagination here.....

Yesterday, we had Madelyn.  She was all about Santa.  She wanted to go look at him.  Yes, I said LOOK.  There will be no talking to him, waving at him, getting close to him, just looking at him....

It was a bit traumatic, but no tears where shed.  The elf danced a jig and gave her a coloring book and we went to play with the puppies.  Puppies ALWAYS make everything better....

She named it Tinkerbell (big surprise there) and she LOVED her!  She wanted to take her home and talked about her all through lunch.  We went to the new Qdoba.  I am in love with the mexican gumbo.  I also love that I can get my food without any meat ( do you see a pattern here?)  Mexican gumbo is black beans, rice and tortilla soup.  Then you can add toppings of meat, cheese, sour cream (no thank you to all of those options), guacamole and tortilla strips (yes, please!).  So darned tasty!  We will be going back for sure!

Then Brian and I picked out the ceramic tile for the house on 17th St.  The house is painted and the tile is going down!  I am getting so excited.  This one is already rented and I know our renter is probably more excited than I am!  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Social Network Diet

No, I'm not talking about facebook, linkedin, twitter or any other social network website, although I probably need to spend less time online, I am talking about your social circle.  The people you surround yourself with.

If you pick up a copy of The Social Network Diet:  Change Yourself, Change the World by Dr. Miriam Nelson and Jennifer Ackerman.  The book tells stories about real people and how they changed their environment to be set up for success.

As you know, I am always preaching to you about accountability partners, surrounding yourself with positive people and of course, eating clean and working out.  This book just confirms what I have been saying and even though I was a bit skeptical about the book at first, I found that the book was helpful and very informative.I really liked reading about the people changing their environments.    Grab your copy today and let me know what you think about it!  It is in my amazon store if you want to get yours there!!  Just click on the books tab!

I've been doing my challenges on facebook for a while now and I want to share this months challenge with you all.  I know the month is half over, but you can still join in! If you want to join us on facebook, just friend me (www.facebook.com/danalmoritz) and I'll get you added to the group.  The challenges change up every month.  If you are not on facebook and want to participate, just send me an email and I'll send you the challenge info.  However, I highly recommend joining in the facebook group because you get the accountability and support from all the members!
Meatless Monday - don't eat any meat today
Ten on Tuesday - aim for 5 servings of fruit and 5 servings of veggies
Walking on Wednesday - get your 10,000 steps in today
Thirsty Thursday - 64 oz (at least ) of water today - try to ONLY drink water on Thurs. no soda or tea!
Fit on Friday - get in a 30 minute workout of your choice
Souper Saturday - make a big pot of healthy soup to munch on all week!
Stretch your Soul Sunday - stretching and reflection for atleast 15 minutes today!

As always, keep your food journal and get your workouts in daily! I'm going to work on this one this month and see what kind of results I get - take your before/after measurements/photos!
It is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, please let me know. I'm happy to help!
 Who is in your social circle?  Do you need to take a look at who you associate with and make some changes?  Do you need to change your eating habits?  What can I help you with? 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Stop Dancing, I'm Singing Jesus!

We had a fantastic evening last night!  The kids came over and Nick made pizza casserole.  There is nothing better than a meal shared with all my kids!  NOTHING!  We enjoyed the food, but the company is always the best part.  Madelyn refused to eat, but she didn't mind drinking two HUGE cups of lime water.  This of course meant many, many trips to the bathroom.  Her little bladder is just that, very little.  Every few minutes she would tell us she needed to potty and off someone would go to take her. 

At one point, she took her time and we were all sitting at the table and she is in the bathroom right off the kitchen and she is singing Jesus Loves me at the top of her lungs.  We all stopped talking and listened.  Honestly, she is pretty good and I love listening to her sing.  One of the sweetest sounds!  She noticed it got quiet and hopped down from the potty to see what we were doing.  Watching her walk around with her pants at her ankles was funny and evidently not too hard for her to do, she didn't seem to mind.  So, after Momma pulled her pants up, she decided to put on a concert for us. We never got to hear the whole song, because Meredith was doing a little dance with her head and Mads put her hands on her face and told her to stop dancing, I'm singing Jesus!  Now that was hysterical!  Priceless in fact!

While we were sitting talking at the table after we had finished eating, Brian told about the chair he ALMOST bought for Madelyn.  It was a giraffe and he is talking all about it and Jake asked if it was like his old bear chair.  That brought back some memories and we got to talking about all the antics the boys did with the poor, old chair.  It was a rocking chair, but it wasn't a typical rocking chair.  There were no "legs", but it had a bear face and hand  to the side, the bear's legs were the seat.  It was a bit angled and Nick ( no surprise there) would turn it over and use it for a slide.  That got a few chuckles, but when Jake told us that everytime he sat in it, he had to put his head and hand in the right spot.  He thought that was where he was supposed to put HIS hand.  He was sitting there with his right hand up and his head against the chair.  Brian and I didn't remember this at all, I don't recall him sitting like that, but he was sure that is how he always sat in the chair.  He thought you had to.  So, we were laughing our heads off at the sight.  Every time he told us about it last night, he held his hand up again, that would just make us laugh even harder.

Those are the best moments for us.  Enjoying our time with our kids and remembering.  Nick reminded us of the time we thought he was missing.  We looked everywhere for him, I mean EVERYWHERE.....  couldn't find him.  We were just about to call the police when Chase found him, curled up on the floor beside the couch and the wall covered up completely with a blanket, fast asleep.  So many stories.....

I'm off to get my morning workout done with a friend!  Honestly there is nothing better than working out with friends.  It motivates me and keeps me on track.  I'll be posting about The Social Network Diet book tomorrow.  Have a wonderful, fun-filled day today!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like

I got my tree done!  That is all I've gotten done so far, but it is a start and Madelyn will be so happy!

 I still need to get the stockings hung and the wreaths up.  Another day, another day....

We have been out running around like crazy.  I've gotten several things done, some presents purchased, and I guess I'll get started wrapping tomorrow.  (after I get the stockings and wreaths done).
We always have a such a wonderful Christmas, but I am really looking forward to this year.  All of  Brian's family will be here Christmas Eve and then Christmas day will be with my side of the family.  Not all of us, unfortunately, but most of us.

We are going to keep things fairly simple and just enjoy our time together and I think that is why I am looking forward to it so much!

Tonight we are going out with friends for dinner and to look at Christmas lights.  I hope that we find some good ones to look at. 

I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures to share with you.

Remember to keep eating clean, doing your workouts and you will sail through to the new year without all the extra holiday weight most people gain.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Feeling Fit Holiday Gift Guide

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping.  I just have a few more things to pick up, these are the people that I find hard to buy for, so I'm not really sure what I am going to get them!

So, I decided that I would post a few of my favorite holiday gifts for this year!

These are all things that I have a love and know that anyone would love to have them:

I absolutely LOVE my kindle.  I use it every day, and the only thing I would change about it is I would get the 3G one.  Mine is just wi-fi and while that is not a problem, after playing around with my mom's new touch with 3G, I recommend it.  The best thing about it - they are not as expensive as they once were.  AND, with Pixelofink.com, you can get all kinds of wonderful books for FREE!! 

Skullcandy earbuds - these are great because they do not fall out of my ears, they are truly noise-canceling and I found them at TJ Maxx for under $10 - score!  They come in a wide variety of colors too!

One thing I have found that I was VERY skeptical about at first, but it works like a charm is the Sticky Pad.  Mom got one of these and told me I needed one, so I broke down and spent the $4 to try it.  I LOVE this thing.  I can put my cell phone on it in the car and it works perfectly.  Just like they say it does.  Brian had to have 2 of them for the car dashboard - one for his phone and one for his sunglasses or the pike pass.  We got ours at Bed Bath and Beyond.

 I definitely recommend the Fitbit for anyone that wants to work on your health and fitness.  This keeps me more aware of how much I am moving.  You also get access to the website for free and can keep track of your calorie intake as well as your sleep!  The new one ( I covet it ), even tracks your climbs (think hills and stairs). It is $99.  I promise you, you won't regret getting it for yourself or anyone on your list!

Scarves - I have many and wear them all - all the time. I tend to freeze and have been known to wear my scarf and hat in the house.... yes, I'm that much of a nerd!  I really like the infinity or circle scarves this year, but my favorite is the pashmina scarves.  I have about 5 different ones in different colors.  Goes with anything.
Something that a lot of people won't splurge on for themselves is makeup/hair products.  As corny as it sounds, I love getting a good shampoo and conditioner or cool makeup.

Naked eyeshadow palette

Alterna Bamboo shampoo/conditioner and shine mist!

Nerium Holiday Gift sets.  You can only get these until Dec 11 - so definitely add this to your list.  I am seeing AMAZING results for so many people in my family, myself included.  We have found that it is a GREAT acne treatment as well. (Can't wait to show you my nephew's before/after photos!)

I could go on and on...... ipods, ipads ( my wish list) kindle fire ( my wish list), sunglasses, fingerless gloves, cookbooks,  pink diamond ring ( my wish list)  I never said I didn't have expensive tastes LOL!!

But I'll stop for now.  If you have a great gift idea, please share it with us!  I am going to try and get my tree decorated today.  We need a new one, the lights on our pre-lit tree don't work anymore, but I'm going to wait until the after Christmas sales are going to purchase one.  So, I'm stringing lights and going to get the decorating done.  TODAY!

Happy Shopping, let me know if you have any questions about the things I posted.  Most of them are in my amazon store - one click shopping and delivered to your door - I LOVE that!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Year's Eve already?

It was a whirlwind couple of days for me.  Quick trip to Oklahoma City and Tulsa and I got to spend some time with my mom and Aunt Connie!  Best thing!!

Got home and Miss Madelyn came to visit me, she was in a good mood yesterday. Just not in the mood to get her photo taken...  We had some errands to run, met up with the accountant and then came home and played kitchen, read some books, colored and ran.  Yes, we ran up and down the hall.  She loves it!  "Run with me Nona!"  How can you say no?

As she was leaving, the Fedex man pulled up with a large box that contained my P90X2!  YIPPEE!!  It's here!  Merry Christmas to me!

I barely had time to get things out of the box before Brian came in and we had to run out again.  We were chatting while running errands about what our New Year's Eve plans are.  I sent a text message to a couple of friends, little did I know that NYE would be mistaken for NOW.  Our friend called and told us that he was there, no band was playing and we weren't there.  After I got done laughing, we met up for a drink and they had dinner ( we had already eaten!)  So, Happy New Year, just a little early!!!  I'm still giggling about this one.  I guess I have had too many texts with mis-spelled words go out!

I got some Kaeng Raeng and am planning on doing a 3 day "cleanse" soon.  Thinking that I will start this weekend or on Monday of next week.  I'm ready to get going again, it's been a while since I have been really on track.  It's time!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another good day in the books!

We had the best of intentions yesterday to get a LOT accomplished.  However, it didn't really happen.

We headed over to 17th St. to paint the doors.  Started out at Lowe's getting the paint and supplies needed and went over.  I was prepared for the colder weather - wore my stocking cap, heavy sweatshirt and jacket and layers, ipod was loaded and ready to go WITH my new skullcandy earbuds.  I was ready to paint.

BUT, the wind was blowing like craaaaazy.

  Dust particles were everywhere, they even showed up in the picture. 

So, we decided to paint another day.

 We really wanted to beat the weather that they say is coming - have I mentioned that I do NOT like cold weather and snow and ice are NOT my friends....

After we got home and got a few things done around the house, Madelyn came over to stay the night.

 Chase and Meredith had their tacky Christmas Sweater party last night and we got to have Mads for the night.

She is potty training and doing fantastic!  Not one accident and she is so funny!  Every time she potty's she holds her arm up and shouts "I did it!" 

We watched Jungle Book,

 read some books

 made roads out of beads (who knew...)

Then it was bedtime - jammies on and books read and time to sleep

Nona and Bumpy were worn out!  She got up in a GREAT mood this morning, we had our shakeology and then got her ready for church!  Another great day in the books!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

We had to!

Another good day yesterday - went shopping with Julie in Rogers AR, we had a lot of fun.

Of course, we had to try on the tiara's....

we had to eat at PF Chang's

we had to get our photo in front of the large Christmas tree with the huge Christmas ornaments.

we had to get a green tea latte and a cupcake ( we HAD to!)

then we had to come home....

BUT, it was time for Robin, Lisha, Denisa and Mendy and Megan to come over and eat portabello chili (recipe here) and watch a chick flick.  We watched Crazy, Stupid Love and we all enjoyed it!

 The camera was put away and we just had a good time laughing and chatting!  Perfect end to a "had to" kind of day!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Much needed GIRL time!

Things are always fun in my house, but I have lived with boys. A LOT of them.

We've had a lot of no-shirt time, cars and boys things all over the house,   worms and dirt, not a lot of pink to say the least.  Things are better since the Chase and Nick are now married - but....

  There just isn't much girly about living at my house, so I TREASURE my girl time!

Brian and Jake are gone hunting in Kansas, so I made sure to take advantage of the extra time on my hands and planned some fun things with my girls.  I am so blessed to have such great friends.  Girls from high school as well as "newer" friends (for lack of a better word!) 

Yesterday, I met up with some of my girls and we started out at Starbucks with a little somethin',somethin'  ( I had a green tea - delish!) and then we got down to business - SHOPPING!  I'm not a huge shopping fan, but it is always more fun with friends!

We shopped until we were starving and made a lunch break and then went right back to it.  I got some wonderful things and really good bargains.  Shopping for Christmas is one of the times I enjoy shopping! 

Then I met up with another friend and we let the pampering begin.  Reflexology and a massage and then dinner and the casino for a little fun.  I didn't win any money this time, but we had a blast!!!  I forgot to get a photo of me and Julie, but I will be sure to get plenty today!

The best part is that I get to do it all again today! 

I talked with Brian last night and he said the weather is not very good out in Kansas.  Ice and snow and that may mean that the boys come home sooner than planned.  While that is not a bad thing, I have some good plans for today.....

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Yesterday was a busy day (my usual), but I got to start my day off right with Miss Madelyn stopping by!  I was our Wednesday together.  We had a little time to play and then we had to take the car to the shop.  Madelyn was a chatty Kathy on the way and wanted to know about everything she could think about or even that she saw.  Especially the other people.  Nona, where is that red car going?  Who is in that blue car?  What are their names?  It was a question-po-looza!  She did make up a few stories about the people.  One car evidently contained a kitty-cat and 2 doggies and a boy.  There was a guy named David walking down the road, she thought he was going to school.  I was glad when Bumps got in the car with us and he could answer a few of her questions.  BUT, the big news on the Madelyn front is that she has decided to start using the big girl potty!  YAY!  There is nothing cuter than her smiling face telling me she did it!

After visiting Uncle Nick at work and making a quick stop in Wal-Mart, we headed back home for some food - applesauce and Nutella and bread sticks were needed!!! 

Brian and Jake have gone hunting, I have a feeling that they are going to FREEZE this weekend.  I can only hope they have a good time. 

I'm off to spend the day with the girls and have some girly fun.  I get to watch what I want on TV while BP is gone.  I'm thinking this may be a nice break :)