Saturday, September 11, 2010

a trip to the mothership

Good Morning!  I hope that you are all up and at em this morning ready for a wonderful day!

I do want to take a moment to remember this day.  I remember exactly where I was, driving in my car to work.  I got to the office and everyone was in my office gathered around the tv. There wasn't much work that day and there were a lot of tears shed.  I remember being glued to the tv for hours upon hours. That day will always be in my mind and I truly thought that the world would not be the same.  I have such gratitude for the men and women that serve our country to protect us and for the fire fighters and police officers that also protect us here at home.  Thank you one and all!  Each of you is very special.

Yesterday, I went with a friend to Tulsa to visit the Mothership:  Whole Foods!  We also visited a few other stores, Super Target, Ulta for a little Bare Mineral action and of course Williams Sonoma.  We also had a great lunch at Ted's!  I love mexican food.  It is a little hard to avoid meat and cheese at a mexican place, but I always manage..... :)

When we got home, the guys joined us for a quick dinner of pizza.  Wow, I didn't do so great on my eating choices huh?  I did have salad and a few slices.  I bring my own cheese (Daiya) and they are happy to make me a veggie pizza.  Tasty!  We had a great time and I came home and crashed.  I was so tired.

I did manage to avoid all these goodies.  Isn't this case just beautiful?

Today, I have a FULL day of cleaning and getting ready for a little get-together.  I also have to get my workout done and some cooking.  I'm making a huge jass salad, fruit salsa and probably another dish.  I haven't decided yet.  The guys are making the pheasant they shot.  So, it will be a fun time.  I'm sure I'll be taking some pics to share.

I had Mads on Wednesday.  She is so much fun. We had a great day.  She has started posing for me.