Monday, September 20, 2010

Plan B in action!

Yesterday was a total plan B day!  Sometimes those days are fun, sometimes not so much.  This one was a combo for us, but turned out great all the way around.

Brian was going to have a boy's day poker game and I had decided I would lounge around, do some yoga or stretching, watch football and movies and just relax and recharge.  Brian's plans changed, and he wanted to go do something, so off we went.  We headed to Springfield and I got online and found a veg-friendly restaurant we hadn't tried yet.   We went to lunch at The Grotto in Springfield.  I thouroughly enjoyed my meal (chickpea burger and sweet potato fries - photo below!) and then we headed over to Bass Pro.  Bass Pro is every man's dream store.  It has everything in it for hunting, fishing, sports and even has clothes.  Brian loves their jeans and he wanted some new ones.  I even found something that caught my eye. 

Thank Goodness it won't be necessary for a while.

We headed home and got ready for the kids to come over for dinner.  We were having a celebration for Nick and Lauren's engagement!  I got the chili going, the kids came in and I was playing with Madelyn, oohing and aahing over Lauren's beautiful ring and talking to the kids and promptly burned dinner. I tried to save it, but it tasted burnt.  So, off to the pizza place we went. DARN THE LUCK!!!

We had a great time and it looks like a crowd when we all get together!

So, it was a plan B day, but all in all it was a good plan!

Yesterday's eats:

I totally deleted my breakfast photo by mistake today before I got them uploaded to the computer, so no photo of breakky!!

1 egg over medium with home fries with squash, mushrooms and onions - YUM!!

 LUNCH:  chickpea burger with sweet potato fries

Brian had the BBQ chicken pizza and it was really pretty!

Veggie pizza ( I take my own cheese  - Daiya and they cook it for me!)  I gave Miss Madelyn one of my pieces of pizza. The kids got a buffalo chicken pizza and it was too spicy for her.  Nona to the rescue!

I drank water all day, no snacks and did some stretching before bed, but I turned in early.  I was worn out after the fun weekend we had!

After seeing my eating for the last week, I see that I need to add in more fruit and fresh veggies.  I'm gonna work on that this week!

I usually eat a vegan diet.  Lately I have been having some fish and eggs occasionally. So, I can't really call myself a vegan or a vegetarian.  I think I'll go with a flexitarian!

Discussion:  How do you deal with Plan B days?  Do they stress you out or can you roll with it?