Friday, September 17, 2010

Feeling Fit Friday Challenge Food Journal Edition

If you are interested in purchasing your own Turbo Tracker, check it out here!    I love carrying it around in my purse (yes, I have a BIG purse!!)

TurboTracker Journal - $19.95
A really cool notebook where you can log all your workouts and meals. It also includes daily motivational tips from Chalene, a calorie-counting guide, and more.

Want to know the nutritional content of a bagel? The TurboTracker can tell you. There's a Food Stats section that lists the top calorie-conscious foods so you can follow your caloric intake. And write it down, of course. The TurboTracker also contains cheat sheets, including the 5-Day Inferno Plan, Nutritional Facts, and Calculating Your Calorie Target, in case you need a quick lesson when you're in doubt.

Let's reach those fitness goals together!

Discussion:  Have you kept a food journal?  What difference did it make in your results?