Thursday, September 9, 2010

Doctors Don't Lie!

I am running out the door to paint a rental property today.  But I wanted to share this new video about what doctors are saying about Shakeology.  I love this stuff!!!!

I am offering a couple of ways to try it for yourself:

One free sample - choose chocolate or greenberry and I will mail it to you 


If you want to try one week's worth - I will send you 7 samples ( choose your flavor or mix n match!), a shaker cup and recipes!  $35 if I have to ship it to you - $28 if you are local!  Payment will be made through paypal.

Please let me know if you want to try either of these options!  Shakeology really does work.  I have a testimonials from my own customers and family!  Not only for weight loss, it really is an ultra premium health shake and it tastes GOOD!

Discussion:  Do you prefer a testimonial or a professional's opinion???