Thursday, September 23, 2010

Frankenfish? What next?

I saw on tv the other day that they are holding hearings on allowing geneticaly modified salmon.  I can't even imagine what this will be leading too.  I did a little research on it and found a couple of interesting articles.

Ten Resason to Reject a Suspicious Fish

FDA rules won't require labeling of genetically modified salmon

The United States' Food and Drug Administration is in the midst of public hearings to determine if it will approve AquaBounty Technologies' application for fish spawned from genetically engineered salmon eggs to be allowed for use as food. These "AquAdvantage® Salmon" grow into full-sized fish in half the time that it would take a regular salmon, and if approved, would become the first "transgenic" or genetically engineered animals to be approved for human consumption.

What exactly is Genetically Modified mean?  Genetic engineering entails introducing desirable traits of one living being into another, using recombinant DNA , or rDNA technology.   Source

I'm just not comfortable with eating genetically modified foods.   Why mess with the original???
What do you think about this?

Here are my eats for yesterday and there is nothing GM about it!  Thank goodness!!

Breakfast - Shakeology (german chocolate!!)

Lunch - Veggie Chili with a few fritos, couple of bites of Madelyn's roasted veggies and cucumber (the chili was too spicy for her)

How could you resist this adorable face wanting to share with you???

Snack - guacamole with salsa and blue corn tortilla chips - forgot to take photo!

Salad Domination!!!

Dinner:  Salad with tons of veggies and beans, balsamic dressing, veggie burger minis , I ate one and left the other and a few of the fries.  I told them not to bring the fries, but they did and I had to have a few - they are soo tasty!  BUT, I didn't eat them all!!! Yay me!

Workout - walked pushing Madelyn in her stroller - probably 2 miles
Water - 68 oz.  didn't drink anything else - even though I really wanted that blackberry margarita at dinner :)

Discussion:  Do you try to avoid GM foods or does it matter to you?