Saturday, September 25, 2010

sick? What?

Ok, I told myself a thousand times yesterday that I was NOT getting sick.  I think I have to just give up that battle.  I lost.

This was my office yesterday

The bear blanket makes a person feel better ;)

My three best friends

A little "reading" material

Watched a movie,  it was okay, not the greatest movie I've seen!

and slept!  I'm thankful that no one took a photo of me sleeping!!!
I feel a little better this morning, I think I needed the rest.

Yesterday eats:

Breakfast was shakeology (might maple again!)

Lunch was a cup of miso broth

the rest of the chili stuffed potato from last night

dinner was left-over stir fry with cheezy sauce ( prob ate about 1/2)

Nothing tasted right. I drank about 90 oz of water
Workout- none
Since I am feeling better this morning, I think I'll work on the house a little, maybe some laundry and then hopefully get in the office for a while.  That is the plan, but if I start to feel icky again, I'll just take a nap!