Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grease is the word!

Good Morning!  We had so much fun last night.  Nothing better than a little girlfriend time!

Yes, I have on my jammies.  Mendy and Megan also wore theirs, but Megan fell asleep and we missed getting the group photo before Mendy left!

Started the night off with some good food!  Hummus, guacamole, pasta salad, grapes, salsa, cookies, sno-cones and movie candy!  We chatted and and danced a little while we waited until dark for the movie. 

We watched Grease outside on a large screen.  It was a lot of fun, we sang along, danced around and just enjoyed ourselves. We all decided which character we would be.  Just so much fun!!!

This is the cool cup Julie got for me.  The bottom of it lights up and it was fun to drink out of!

It was a perfect birthday party!

Here is my food journal for yesterday:

breakfast was shakeology (chocolate w/ peanut butter) no photo!

Beans and rice with mango, green onion, salsa, vegannaise and chili powder

Snack was homemade apple sauce with cinnamon

Iced Chai Latte ( one is mine, one is for Brian!)  recipe below!

I was really hungry before the party, so I had a little potato salad

Dinner was a bunch of snacky items and I forgot to take a pic of my plate, but it included:
pretzel chips and tortilla chips
pasta salad

Then during the movie I had popcorn sprinkled with Parma (vegan parmasean)
handful of Hot Tamales
handful of mini-whoppers

Chai Latte Recipe

I like Tazo or Stash Decaf Chai Tea, but you can use any tea you like
brew the tea following the instructions
put the tea in glass of ice and add almond milk ( I like about 1/2 - 3/4 cup)
add 1 -2 tsp of agave nectar ( to taste is fine)
sprinkle with cinnamon

This is really good served hot too!