Friday, September 17, 2010

No internet? No good!

Good FRIDAY Morning!!!  Whoo-hoo, it's the weekend!!

I am sorry for no post yesterday, we didn't have internet connection most of the day and I had to go to Brian's office picnic as soon as I got it up and running!  So, I'll be doing Thursday's post now and then I'll be back with a Friday Challenge Video!

My eating the last few days hasn't been stellar.  It hasn't been horrible, just not enough fresh fruits and veggies and too many tortilla chips.  Those darn chips are my downfall and I should just not keep them in the house.

Wednesday Eats:

Breakfast was a Snickers Shakeology - no photo, sorry.

Lunch was a thin bun toasted with a smear of vegan cream cheese, salmon and green onion - sooo good.  I have been craving salmon lately and I find that I do better if I just have some!!

I also had a fruit and bean salsa with some tortilla chips!

I was feeling snacky when Madelyn took her nap, so I had some of the Cheezy sauce, added salsa to it and more of the wonderful tortilla chips!

Dinner was veggie fried rice and a veggie egg roll.  I forgot to take a photo, it was not homemade either!

Thursday Eats:

Breakfast was a German Chocolate Shakeology - again no photo!!

I went to clean a rental property and Brian came over and convinced me ( ok, it wasn't very hard) to go to breakfast for lunch.

Hillbilly Hashbrowns - full of green peppers, onion, mushrooms and tomatoes.  It was HUGE  I couldn't even begin to eat it all.

Snackage included several of these bad boys!!!


I ate an early dinner since I knew we were going to Brian's office picnic and there wouldn't be much for me to eat there!

Veggie soup with leftover fried rice, topped with Parma and Garlic Gold!

At the picnic I had a spoonful of potato salad and some pickles and onions.  I didn't take a photo, all of Brian's co-workers already think I'm weird enough......

Highlights of the last couple of days!

Madelyn was here and we played outside.  She is obsessed with sitting in chairs. ALL of them!  And, I felt so bad, she fell and scraped her eye on a book.  She was bringing me the book to read and landed on it when she fell.  I hate that!

Madelyn was also obsessed with the little frogs on our front porch.  They are so cute, we have 3 of them and she wanted to give them a kiss.  Is this a Prince, waiting to be released?????

Brian and I at the Pro 100  Picnic and with our winnings!!  Two rounds of golf at the Briarbook Country Club!

I was holding out for the cookies, but it didn't work out the way I wanted, but the cutest little girls won these!!!

I'll be back this afternoon with a Friday Challenge you won't want to miss!!!