Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Challenge - something old, something new

I have been so tired lately and now I know why.  I'm coming down with a cold or it could be allergies.  I think I've just been fighting it off and now it is here.  Too bad!  We were going to go out of town this weekend, but Brian is getting a sore throat too, so we decided to just hang around the house. 

I like to play it by ear when I am not feeling 100%.  I will usually do some yoga or stretching, but try not to push it, especially if it is respiratory.  If it is something else, some light cardio is usually the best thing for me. 


Today's challenge is a little different from in the past, but not much, don't worry!!  I am going to challenge you to do a workout you haven't tried before.  Yoga, kickboxing, swimming, use a new machine at the gym.  Whatever you have been wanting to try.  If you do yoga, but haven't done Bikram (hot yoga) then try it!  Change things up.  Our bodies get used to doing the same thing.  If you don't workout, then do one today.  If you only walk, kick it up a notch and try alternating walking and jogging.  You will use your muscles differently and you will be glad you did.  Please leave me a comment on what you do, I love to see what you are doing!

Yesterday's food:

If you see something that I am posting and would like the recipe, please let me know.  I'm happy to share!!

We all get stuck in a food rut occasionally and I love to try new things too!  Let me know and I'll get it posted!

Breakfast was my usual- Shakeology - Mighty Maple - YUM!

lunch was at the japanese steakhouse.  salad and miso soup

edamame - shared!!

veggie and tuna roll

snack was banana with coconut milk yogurt and topped with some granola

dinner was salad with sesame oil and veggie chili stuffed potato with a dollop of vegannaise and sprinkld with daiya cheddar

wanted something sweet so I had a small bowl of Soy Dream with chocolate sauce and cinnamon

Water was all I had to drink - 64 oz.
Workout was nothing formal - danced and stretched.  Also cleaned like a mad woman at a rental house.  Had sweat dripping everywhere!!

The sweet little waitress at the japanese steakhouse was so funny.  She told me - you eat like a bird.  I thought I had a lot of food, didn't finish the salad - way too much dressing, so picked around at it and I left 2 pcs of the rolls.  It was pretty funny!

Discussion:  do you get stuck in a food and workout rut?  Do you workout when you aren't feeling your best?  Push through or take it easy?