Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekend Challenge: Commercial cardio

Wow, yesterday just got away from me!

Do you have days like this?  I was on the go all day long yesterday and I didn't feel quite up to par.  I think this allergy season is going to be a tough one for me. 

Weekend  Challenge:

Commercial Cardio - while you are watching your favortie tv shows this week, when the commercials come on, I want you to get up and move -  jumping jacks,  push-ups,  crunches,  squats, jog in place, walk around the house, hula hoop - whatever you like to do that will get you moving and your heartrate up!  Every time the commercials come on, you are up and moving for the ENTIRE commercial break.  You will be surprised how many calories you can burn.  I'd love to see your photos, so take them and post them on the Feeling Fit with Dana facebook page. 

Food for the last two days:


Shakeology:  choco-cherry-licious  this one is really good!!

Lunch with a friend - miso soup, cucumber salad and a miami roll (tuna, crab and avocado)
Dinner was chips and salsa and 2 margaritas.  no pictures!!


Shakeology - added a little protein powder and 1/2 a banana

lo-mein noodles with tofu and veggies (didn't eat the egg roll and saved 1/2 for later)

Snack was the rest of my lo-mein

Dinner was out with Nick and Lauren and Lauren's parents
no pic - I'm sure they already think I'm strange enough :)
side salad (consisted mostly of iceberg lettuce) with raspberry vinagrette
steamed broccoli and cauliflower
plain baked sweet potato

I drank 60 oz of water
Workout was 3 mile walk.

the weather is so nice here, I just have to get outside for a while!

Roxy thinks she needs a treat this morning already.  Sitting here pleading with me with her eyes!  Such a cutie!