Monday, October 4, 2010

Garlic GOLD!

I am in love with Garlic Gold!  Seriously.  This stuff is so good on anything and everyting and that is just what I have been using it on.

Sprinkle it on salads, soups, bread, sandwiches, roasted veggies, just about everything tastes better with a little love from Garlic Gold!!

Garlic Gold comes in 4 flavors - Plain, Parmesan, Italian Herb and Sea Salt.  The nuggets are USDA certified organic and are just plain YUMMY!  They also carry a line of oil that is so tasty!

You can find these products online at or you should be able to find them at your local health food store.  I know the Whole Foods Market in Tulsa carries them.  Run there now, well after you finish reading this at least!

My favorites are the sea salt and plain!!

Here's a quick recipe that I made today for lunch:

Cheesy flatbread:

I use Mama Mary's pizza crusts. They taste good, cook well and are easy to use!

Take your pizza crust and cover it with a drizzle of Garlic Gold oil.  I like to use a spoon and spread it all around making sure to get to the edges so I don't miss one tasty bite!

Then sprinkle the Garlic Gold nuggets ( I used the plain ones today) and a sprinkle of Parma! (parmesan cheese alternative)

Cover with Daiya cheese (  I used a combo of the cheddar and mozzarella)

Bake at 400 degrees F for 10 mins.  (you can go a little longer if you like it crispier!)

I think I'm in heaven right now.  It's going perfect with my lentil soup!

Sunday's food:

I had a great time at the fair and I couldn't believe it, but I found some healthy food!  WOW, I was so surprised!!

Breakfast:  the usual suspect!!  Mighty Maple Shakeology - chocolate, maple goodness! - no photo!

Snacked on this bad boy!  Love them!  Tastes like a rice krispy treat and I was starving.

No this isn't the healthy food I found, but we split these great chips. They were greasy and tasty!  My splurge for the fair!

Black bean and spinach bodacious burrito!  It had rice in it as well, no cheese please! Tasty!

Dinner was at home, egg sandwich with tofurkey and daiya and a honeycrisp apple

This was the worst sounding thing I saw all day - Chocolate Dipped Dill Pickles.  EWWWW!  We did not try one.

Devin did a great job showing his animals and got a Reserve Grand Champion!

Discussion:  Do you go to the fair?  What is your favorite part.  I've never been one to ride the rides.  After you watch them put them together several years, you'd understand!  I love the animals and the booths (saw Vita-Mix and a new product - the Torpedo.  Looked cool!)  The bling belts were another favorite this year.  I didn't get one. They had a wedding cake challenge too.  It was so cool to look at all the beautiful cakes.I was going to ride the mechanical bull, but we ran out of time! Next year!!