Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Excitement abounds!

I'm so excited for so many reasons!

1)  Last night we had a GREAT time at fit club.  7 people came and we sweat and laughed our way through Fat Burning Express and then killed it with 6 mins abs.  I think a few of us will be feeling it today!  I'll try to remember to get photos next week.  We get to chatting and I always forget to take pics! 

2)  I have a new message board here.  I'll be getting the tab up this week hopefully and then you can just click on it to go straight to the boards.  We can hang out and chat about anything and everything!  Check it out now. 

3)  With the free coach sign-ups at Beachbody, our team is growing like crazy.  Trust me, this is a great opportunity to share your love of fitness with others and make a little money on the side!  If you want to get involved, please let me know.  We need your help.  New Year's is just around the corner and people are going to need help with those resolutions!  So, if you have ever thought about it, think it might be something worth looking into, now is the time to get started!

4)  Brian and I are planning our next trip.  That always makes me happy!  We are thinking about going to Branson.  We haven't been there in a long time, so it should be fun!

5)  Jake and Morgan carved their pumpkins and cleaned up their mess!  YAY!  That really excites me :)

6)  We are just about finished with the last house we bought.  Brian has put it on the market, so keep your fingers crossed that it sells quickly.  It turned out so cute and I just have to clean it on Monday.  I found the perfect rug for the living room.  We put laminate flooring in the kitchen, living room and hallway.  Looks so good and the rug will be absolutely perfect!

It doesn't take a lot to excite me, but I have a blessed life and can't be upset about anything these days!!

Discussion:  What are you excited about right now?