Thursday, January 13, 2011

normal routine?

We've all had time to recover from Christmas and the stress and fun that goes along that with, so now it is time to settle into our normal routines.

What does your routine look like?  Does your New Year's Resoultions impact it at all?

My routine has changed up a little:


I make my to-do list, yes I am keeping it on my phone these days.  This way I always have it with me.  LOVE THAT!  My folders are today's to-do-list, weekly to-do list, push goal, weekly goals and affirmations!

Quick facebook/twitter/email check in


These days it is Turbo Fire or Brazil Butt Lift - still hurts to walk from tuesday night's workout!


Then I get started tackling my to-do list:

I also did a 20 min speed cleaning, had lunch and went to the grocery store and did my Spanish lesson for the day!  I'm on fiyah with my list ;)

So, in between doing all the wonderfully dull things on my list, I check my email and facebook (I'm a bit addicted!) and if Brian has something fun to do, I'm always game!  We try to eat dinner together most nights and if anyone wants to work out after work, I never pass that chance up!

I try to keep my evenings free to spend time with Brian, but I do have fit club on Tues and calls on Wed nights. 

So a few things have changed since the beginning of the year.  I am really working on being more organized and my to-do list is helping with that. 

Brian is going hunting next week and I think I'll be re-organizing the office while he's gone.  Lord knows, it needs it!

Welcome to my exciting life!!!

Discussion:  What changes have you made to your normal routine?

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  1. The two biggest changes are that I am going to a boot camp class 3 times a week so I have to get up at 4:45 am those days instead of my usual 5:30. And I making a smoothie at night to go with dinner (in the vita mix). My kids are finally drinking healthy - and they think it's a treat because they usually can't taste the veggies I sneak in!! :)


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