Monday, January 17, 2011

Avoiding the winter blahs!

When the weather gets cold, we have a tendency to hunker down, eat comfort food, and do nothing!  Let's fight this urge and get off our rear-ends.

Many people get a little depressed during the winter months, it's hard to get outside, get the fresh air and sunshine isn't available all the time.  I know that I NEED the SUN to keep my sanity!

So, what are some ideas for working out in your home?  Of course, Beachbody workout DVD's are always an option, walking/running on the treadmill, yoga/stretching, dancing, you can even do some of the cool new video games that require you to move!

Our eating habits change as well, be sure that you are still getting your fruits and veggies.  Eat seasonally.

Winter fruits:

Oranges  I am in love with cuties, they go quick in our house!
Satsumas - this is a citrus fruit, similar to an orange
Pomegranates - these are great thrown in a salad

Winter vegetables:

Winter squash
Daikon radishes
Red Cabbage
Jerusalem Artichoke

Try a new food, a new recipe! Explore a little!

Tips to avoid the winter blahs:

1)  exercise - do something every day.  Go to the mall and walk, put on fun music and dance around, play an exercise dvd or video game - just move!  You body releases feel good endorphins!

2)  eat healthy  - try one of the seasonal foods listed above, make some good, satisfying soups,  eat a salad!

3) get some light/sun - get outside for a walk if it isn't too cloudy or icy.  If you can't get outdoors, check out the indoor lights that mimic the sun, grab a little extra vitamin D!

4)  go out and play - you can't change the weather, so enjoy it.  Go sledding with your kids, make snow angels, go for a brisk walk, build a snowman!  Have fun!

Discussion:  What do you do to beat the winter blahs?

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  1. These re great tips. Also, a great vitamin D supplement goes a long way for me.


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