Monday, January 31, 2011

Pinky Promise!

Here's the deal: 

Feb Pinky Promise Challenge!

Who is in?

My challenge goals:

1)  do Insanity and/or running 6 days per week
2)  eat a clean diet, avoid refined sugar
3)  read 10 pages personal developement book
4)  listen to 15 mins of personal development audio
5)  post my execise and diet on blog and boards - daily
6)  do something FUN everyday!

Remember, you get to make your rules this time around.  Focus on what YOU need to work on.

get off soda
floss your teeth daily
exercise 5 times per week
eat whole foods
drink your water

Everyone has their own demons to face - let's beat them, learn new, healthy habits and kick those demons to the curb!

BE BOLD!  BE HAPPY!  BE HEALTHY! -this is my mantra for FEB!

I pinky promise you  that I will stick with my goals for all of Feb!

Change Now, Love Now, Live Now - Kris Carr!

Don't wait for someone else to tell you what to do or to give you permission.  They won't!

Smart nutrition, exercise and a positive lifestyle are the keys to health and happiness! Details on the message boards!

Will you pinky promise me?