Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brian, you should always listen to me!

I had a BLAST yesterday hanging out with the girls!  We went to eat at Ruby Tuesdays ( I love that place, the salad bar is VERY fresh!) and then went to the mall.   We had fun trying on a few hats, looking at all the goodies and I left without buying a thing!  YAY ME!

More fun hat photos on my Feeling Fit with Dana page on facebook! Be sure to click like to see them!

 Denisa wanted to get her hair curled at the kiosk and see if it really worked.  They claim the curls will last 24-48 hours.  This would be good since I have the same type of hair, straight, straight and even straighter.....    Her hair looked great.  Curly and cute!

Time will tell if the iron works.  It is too expensive to purchase without testing their theory.  Last night, Dee let me know that she still had her curls AND she found the exact same iron on amazon (LURVE!!!!) for a MUCH cheaper price!

I hate to put anyone out of a sale, but when they are selling the exact same product at the mall kiosk for over $100 and amazon has it for $34, I have to share the good news.

I ordered one, so I will tell you if it works just like the other one, but I don't know why it wouldn't!

If you want one, just click here!

After shopping around, I came home and rested a little, had some dinner and then Brian and I went out for a new blanket for the family room.  Brian is a bit picky here, it is quite surprising to me.  He must have 100% cotton, and because he is so tall (over 6 ft.) it has to be long enough for napping!  We found one at Target and he was happy!

Then we went to Cupcakes by Liz.  We don't go often, they are pricey, they are full of sugar and dairy (two things I try to avoid), but we went last night!  If you get them to go, they come in a pretty  little package:

so pretty, death by chocolate and lemon in paris


We split one in half for last night and saved one for today!

Funny story about last night:  we have a headlight out on the Honda.  As we were getting in the car, I mentioned to Brian that the headlight was out, asked if we should take the Jeep so we don't get pulled over.  Famous last words out of Brian's mouth - it's fine, we won't get pulled over.   BUT, on the way home, on main street right in front of 609, we got pulled over.....  no ticket, thank goodness, but Brian, you should ALWAYS listen to me!!!  BWAA HAA HA!

Discussion:  This was GREAT day for me, fun time with friends and Brian!  Share with me your GREAT day!