Friday, January 28, 2011

all my taste is in my mouth

OR SO HE SAYS.......

Brian and I have disagreed in the past and I am usually right ;)

This time around it is over the office re-model.  I am trying to get our office organized.  I want a nice place that I want to work in, feel comfortable in and will make me more productive. I do my best work when in cute, comfy places!!!  So, I got the cabinets hung last weekend while Brian was out of town, the boys were so nice to help me out, and this week I told Brian I wanted bulletin boards put up.  Now, I didn't want just any old corkboard bulletin board, I wanted something cute and a little nicer than that.  Brian told me he had just the thing left over from our old office.

Ugly blue burlap bulletin board is NOT what I had in mind....

So, off we went to the local hobby store (Hob Lob) to see what we could find.   They only had smaller ones and they were expensive, cute, but expensive.  Not what I was looking for.  So, Brian said why don't we just cover the "ugly" one with fabric, with a roll of his eyes... he knows that he would HAVE to be involved.

Now, I am NOT a crafty person.  I would love to be a crafty person.  It isn't in me.  I can't sew, I can't knit, I can't paint, I can't even put the bedazzler crystals on my own shirts, right.....  It just isn't there for me as much I wish it was.

So, I thought surely I can cover this board in fabric.  How hard can it be?

We wandered through the store and found the right sized fabric.  I picked out the ones I liked, Brian said he could cut the board in 3 pieces to work like I want. 

Little did I know that I was in the furniture fabric section.  Thank goodness I saved 30%.  This is where Brian told me that we just spent way too much money on a free bulletion board....  AND he told me that all my taste was in my mouth.....  famous last words!

We got to work this morning being crafty.....

The staple gun is a wonderful invention!  Brian is working hard!
Just so you know, I didn't know I was in the photos until Brian told me on the last one.But how cute is this fabric?

I love this one too!

He finally told me I was IN the photo!  Poser!

I love them all!

Looking good on the wall!

Not too shabby!  I think I have pretty good taste, thank you very much!

Discussion:  Are you a crafty person?  What do you do?


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