Sunday, July 11, 2010

I am blessed!

I just feel so blessed this morning!  We had such a good day yesterday with friends and family and this morning I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever was thrown my way.  It happened to be cleaning up the yard first thing, then on to the house!  We had so much fun yesterday that it looked like a tornado came through our property.  We cut down some trees and that had to be cleaned up and Brian and I made short work of it first thing.  We ate the ugly frog (reference to Brian Tracy's book - Eat That Frog, which is about time management - love it!) in about 2 hours.  I have a feeling that I will be sore tomorrow, I think I used muscles I haven't used in a while.  I burned about 350 calories and then went in to tackle the kitchen.

It is done and I have had my shower (which felt wonderful by the way!).  I'm sure everyone is so thankful for that part of my day!

I have been doing the Turbo Fire workouts and I am loving them and I've decided to start the 5 day Inferno Plan.  Since I don't eat meat or dairy (other than what is in my Shakeology), I think I'll document what I am doing (if you all are interested) to prove that it can be done without the meat and dairy.  I'll follow the plan, but sub in with non-meat/dairy products.  I'll post each day what I am doing and how I modify the recipes.

This will go along pretty good with the Vive Le Vegan class over at  Then we are going on vacation for a few days and I'll have a great start! Brian and I are planning on less eating out and eating more local, fresh foods.  We bought a great little cooler to take with us each day as we explore the area we are in! I'm so excited for our trip and can't wait to get started!

If anyone has great ideas or places we should not miss in Santa Fe or Colorado Springs or anywhere in between, please let me know.  We want to have the most fun possible!

See I am so blessed to have such wonderful family, friends and online friends, I am blessed to be able to do my job from anywhere and I am blessed that Brian and I can live out our dream of traveling and seeing this beautiful country!

Discussion:  What is your dream? Do you have a bucket list and if you do, what is on it that you can't wait to do?