Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Challenge - 30-20-10-5

I am happy to report that I am blogging from outside.  Here's a look at my office today:

It is beautiful weather today after the rainy day yesterday.  Brian and I have taken full advantage of it.  We hopped in the Jeep bright and early this morning and took off for the Royal Gorge.  I have to admit, I wasn't that excited about this stop, but Brian was so I put on my happy face just for him.

He was so right!  It was one of the best stops of our trip.

We took the tram above the gorge

The railroad incline below the bridge

And walked across the bridge


Then we headed off to Cripple Creek.  Toured a haunted jail and walked through the casinos and the quaint little town.

We are back at the camper now for our last night of vacation.  I'm sad to see it end, we've had so much fun, but I am also ready to get home and get back to my regular schedule!

Friday Challenge:


Thirty pushups, 20 tricep dips and 10 squats repeat 5 times!  I'm pulling out the big guns on this one!  Of course, if you can't do that many, modify, modify and modify! It is okay.  You can work up to it.  If you want great looking arms, then definitely make this part of your daily workout routine.  These will certainly get you definition in your arms!

I'm pimping out my facebook biz page!  I'd love for you to "like" me!  When I get to 500 followers or likers, what do you call it anyway?  Then I am going to giveaway a Beachbody workout of your choice.  Anything you'd like, so please suggest it to your friends and family!  Purty Please! The giveaway will not be for current Beachbody coaches to participate in, you can still like me, just not eligible to win!

Feeling Fit With Dana on facebook!

Discussion:  What celebrity or person do you think has the best arms?  I have to say that I really want my arms to be well defined.  I think Hillary Swank had amazing arms (whole body really) in Million Dollar Baby, I also think Jessica Biel has nice arms!