Monday, July 19, 2010

Fit Club Monday - travel edition

Since I am traveling, my workout routine is completely out of whack.  I had planned on doing my Turbo Fire workouts, just outside at the campground.  However, it is REALLY hot, the altitude has me out of breath very quickly, so I've had to adapt.  Brian and I are walking in the mornings, I'm doing some yoga and stretching and throwing in some ab workouts.  I don't have much room in the camper to workout, but I can do things in a small (very small) space.  I'm making it work and not worrying about it.  I know that I will be back to my regular workouts soon!

We are eating as healthy as possible and wanting to eat locally and try new things. We have done pretty good with that.  Shakeology for breakfast, packing our lunch for our day trips and then having dinner out.  We have had some great meals and I am surprised at how easy it is to find vegan options here.  I am so used to being home and trying to eat out means usually getting a plain baked potato and a side salad.  So, it is a nice treat for me.

Last night we ate at the Tuneup Cafe here in Santa Fe. It was GREAT!  They were on Diners, Drive-in's and Dives.  Brian loves that show and that was a bonus for him.  They had several options for vegan meals and Brian had a buffalo burger. We were both happy!

I had the vegan enchiladas.  They were filled with veggies and tofu and so tasty!

Fit Club Recipe:

Brian's Hummus Wraps

Brian made these yesterday to take on our trip to Madrid!  YUM!

1 whole wheat tortilla
hummus ( I really like Sabra brand)
veggies of choice - Brian used carrots, brocolli slaw, red onions
tofurky slices (optional)
Daiya cheese shreds (optional)

Spread hummus on the tortilla, layer the veggies and the tofurkey and cheese.  Roll up and enjoy!

We also added lettuce and tomato when we were ready to eat them!

We have been trying to eat as much organic as possible.  Here is a quick video about organic foods from Beachbody:

Discussion:  What foods do you try to eat organic and what do you do for workouts when traveling?