Friday, July 2, 2010

Good Friends, new foods

Last night I had my girlfriends over.  Some of us have been friends since grade school, others since junior high.  I love that we have stayed connected over the years and still love hanging out together.  Good food was had, some swimming and lots of talking and laughing!  Doesn't get much better than that!

We had a lot of fun as we usually do!
Friday Challenge:

With the warmer weather, I love to go to the farmer's market to see what is available.  So I am going to challenge you to get out to your local farmer's market and pick up some local produce.  Support your local farmers and try a new fruit or vegetable.  It might be bok choy, asparagus, okra.   Something you haven't eaten before, ask them how to prepare it, they will give you some ideas.  Be adventurous!  An even better idea is to get together with your friends and try some new foods! Be sure to leave me a comment with what you tried and if you liked it!  If you need some recipe suggestions, let me know.  I'll post a photo of what I choose and fix!