Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bust your move! Enter the P90X Contest!

Sorry I didn't get a post up yesterday.  I have poison ivy and had to go to the doctor for a nice steriod shot.  I'm hoping that it will help quickly and stop the spreading and itching!  We cut down some trees at the lake last weekend and I helped.  Guess Brian and the boys will be on their own from now on!!!

The new P90X One On One monthly subscription workouts are now available.  If you get the full subscription, then you will receive 50% off the NEW P90X: MC2 workouts that will be coming out in 2011.  This is a GREAT offer for all the P90X lovers out there! 

The One on One's are shipped out monthly, you get one workout per month and this month's is Chest, Back and Balls.  Tony is at his best again and these workouts are great!  It's a good challenge, you will feel it!

There is also a great P90X contest going on.  You can submit your workout move and it may be in the new workouts or even the P90X MC2!  Contest ends July 18, better hurry to get your move in!

Here's the details:

Be sure to check out my Feeling Fit With Dana Facebook page.  Like it and I'm going to be doing a GREAT giveaway when I reach 500 likes! ( Beachbody workout of your choice sound good?) I would love it if you liked it!

Thursday's Tip of the Day: Get an accountability partner for your workouts and food journal. You and a friend will both benefit, you will be more likely to stick with a plan when you know you are meeting for a workout and that someone else will be looking at your food journal. Don't have anyone????

 I would love to be YOUR coach.  Sign up for the free account at my webpage!  We can get started on your health and fitness journey today! No pressure, no judgement.  Just my help and advice!

Have a wonderful day!