Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Challenge - take care of your tootsies!

This week's challenge will be a little easier than last week's (month long) challenge!!  We are going to take care of our feet.  Sandal season is here and let me tell you, my tootsies have been neglected through the winter and colder months.  So, over the weekend, your challenge is to do a little mini-pedi!

This procedure should take no more than 30 mins,  but you will be so happy with the results!  Our feet take a beating, so be nice to them!

Start by filling a small tub with warm water - and add a tsp of essential oil to make the water smell nice (if you don't have any a little lemon juice will be just as nice!)

Use a scrubby and scrub those feet and especially any areas of rough skin.

Dry your feet really well afer soaking and scrubbing, making sure to get between the toes.

Take off any nail polish you have on, cut and trim your nails as you like.  I have found that it is best to cut the toe nails straight across,take a cuticle stick and push the cuticles back.  You shouldn't cut them,   then get a good moisturizing lotion and massage into feet (if you can get someone to do this for you, go for it!)

Apply some nail polish that you like and looks good with your skin coloring!  Put on a clear base coat and then 2 coats of polish, as this will help to prevent the nail from discoloring!

Look for a reivew of these adorable shoes on Tues!!!!!

Your feet will be happy, you will have a little downtime and pampering which is so important!  Enjoy yourself, put on some good music and relax!!

Update on last week's month long challenge!

It has almost been a full week on the Kind Diet vegan eating challenge.  I am feeling lighter and have more energy.  I've had some really good meals and then yesterday was such a busy day it was eating on the run, but I've done pretty good!

Apple Cinnamon Walnut Oatmeal, great and filling!

Tostada, Kinda - I didn't have any tortilla's so I put it on a bed of lettuce.  YUMMY!

Tofu Scramble using veggies on hand and adding turmeric.  Brian thought it looked like a science project gone wrong, but one of my favorites!

Fried Rice using veggies I had on hand!  Loved it!

Discussion:  Have you been following the challenges?  Which one has been your favorite so far and what would you like to see in future challenges?