Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Challenge - Fiberlicious!

I am really having a day today!  Ca- rahhhzzzyyyy! 

It is Friday and that means it is a challenge day.  I was racking my brain (it's a little fried today) trying to come up with something when I noticed on my facebook page that Bob Harper has a GREAT challenge today!  So, I am going to go with Bob!  He's just adorable isn't he?

It's all about FIBER!  Fiber is so important in our diets, not only to keep things, ahem, moving, but also to keep us feeling fuller longer.

So, check out Bob's website for the Fiber Challenge!  What are great food sources of fiber - fruits with skins, beans, peas, oatmeal, nuts and veggies and of course, Shakeology  Boost - The Fiber!

So, since today is half over for me, I will be doing this challenge tomorrow.  I highly encourage you to try it and see how it goes for you!  Be sure to let me know how you do!  Some people find it really hard to get fiber in their diet.  How do you do on a daily basis?