Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What's in YOUR fridge?

Do you want to eat healthier, but just not sure how?  What do you need to have on hand?

These are the staples in my fridge and pantry.

Quinoa/brown Rice - I try to always keep some of this cooked in my fridge.  So easy to pull out and throw in some fresh veggies for a quick meal.  It's also so good for a side dish on it's own.

Avocadoes - good anytime!  Love avocado sammies with a little hummus and cucumber.

Salad greens/spinach/kale - you can have a salad, steam it for a nice warm treat!

Cashews/Almonds - great to add to salads, make a base for soups and just to eat a handful!

Almond Milk - use this every single day in my smoothies and shakeology!

Sweet Potatoes - plain is my favorite way to eat them!  But they are good roasted, boiled, fried.....

Dark Chocolate - hey a girl has to have a healthy treat!  I'm a choc-o-holic anyway!

Shakeology - I have this EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Love it and so many recipes to use to change it up!  Haven't tried Shakeology, but want to?  Let me know and I will get you a sample, but you can order it and try it for 30 days with a bottom of the bag money back guarantee!

Blueberries/Strawberries - good to eat by themselves or in salads, smoothies, ice cream....

Bananas - I usually have a banana in my morning shake most days!  Such a good treat!

Broccoli - love this veggie, broccoli soup is one of my faves, but steamed is a close second

Tomatoes - must have for my salads.  I prefer home grown or the grape tomatoes if I have to buy from the store.

Oatmeal - Such a superfood and so easy to make.

Sesame seeds/pumpkin seeds - use these on salads and sandwiches, stir fries, etc.

Olive Oil/balsamic vinegar - use for homemade salad dressings ( once you make your own, you will not buy them ever again!)

Coconut oil - I use this for cooking and in smoothies

Beans - a good source of protein and beans and rice is one of my favorite meals.

I feel like if I have these on hand, then I can make any type of meal a success and healthy to boot!  When in doubt, eat plenty of colorful foods!  Eat the rainbow, but not skittles!

For those of you that eat meat, keep lean protein on hand.  Chicken, turkey and salmon are good choices.  It is best if they are organic or fresh/wild caught.

I LOVE shopping at the farmer's market!!  I just wish it was available year round.  I may need to move to a different climate!!