Thursday, August 2, 2012

Infomerical Queen

I really don't watch a ton of tv, but Brian does.  I sit in the room with it on whatever Brian happens to be watching and I'm either on the computer or reading.  I will look up and put in my two cents worth now and then, but for the most part I don't pay that much attention.  I do have a couple of shows I won't miss, but they are usually on Monday nights (Brian's poker night!) I love Smash, Project Runway and my guilty pleasure - Real Housewives!  ACK!

However, I somehow always seem to get sucked into those darned infomercials.  I've seen most of them and probably have WAY to many of the products.  I even got one of my jobs from an infomercial.  I really am the infomercial queen!!!

Yes, I have a tiara....

Just the other day I was wondering through the room and the tv was on (Brian wasn't here, but he thinks the tv will get mad at him if he turns it off) and now I NEED the Malibu Pilates chair and the Diamond skillet.    Have you seen those?  I really do NEED them....  There's More!

But Wait!! I've had the magic bullet, bare minerals,  too many workouts to even count, oxyclean, the Ginsu knives, and I can't forget about the thighmaster.  That is just a few of them!

I did avoid the psychic network though and the spray on hair, I do have my scruples :)  I thought about the flowbee, but never got one....

But don't call now, I will not be doubling your order!!


  1. You are so funny Dana! :) ... You deserve the tiara... also because you are "queen for one day" at my blog! lol!

    1. Thank you so much for honoring me on your blog! LOVED it!


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