Thursday, August 23, 2012

Living the quiet life, for now!

I've had a pretty boring week, but that is ok.  I needed it.  I'm tired!

But, one good thing!  I got a new computer.  I'm so excited.  I finally have all my stuff loaded on it and am ready to go!  You may remember that I was having a LOT of problems with my old one and I finally sent it in to be fixed.  They told me that it was not going to be economical for them to fix it.  So I got a gift card for the original purchase price and a NEW computer.  You can bet your sweet bippy that I did NOT get another Asus!  I am VERY thankful to Office Depot for their customer service.  They are AMAZING!  I highly recommend them!

So, I am now ready to roll!

The weather here has been beautiful!  Madelyn was here yesterday.  School has started again and Madelyn will be getting to come and play on Wednesdays again!  We went for a walk yesterday, created sidewalk art, played babies and hide and seek and of course had to watch a movie!  All in all a great day!
Remember, I'm a blogger, not an artist!

  She asked me not to take any pictures, WHAT?  How am I supposed to share the adorable Miss M without any photos?  So, hopefully she will be ready to pose next week!

When we did our family photos last week, she was not very happy and cried the majority of the time, must be a phase she is going through....  hope it doesn't last long!

I had a dr's appointment yesterday, since I have been so freakin' tired lately, I am getting more blood work done to see what in the world is going on.  I am under quite a bit of stress lately, so it may just be that.  BUT, I have to rule out all possibilities!  Should have some answers in a week or so.

So, as you see, pretty boring week, but I'm okay with it!  Living the quiet life is ok for now!

My friend Tina is hosting a giveaway of her book.  Check it out!  I have a link on the side of the blog for you to click on and get entered!