Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What a Feeling!

Good Morning!

I woke up more rested than I have in a while!  That is a GREAT feeling! I'm so singing What A Feeling from Flashdance in my head right now.  Sorry, I know it will be stuck in your head too!  In case you are a LOT younger than I am, check it out here!

I am pretty sore from my workouts yesterday.  Les Mills Pump, Pump Revolution, walking and swimming were on tap yesterday and I am feeling it this morning.  I pushed through my workout this morning and finished with a glorious stretch!

It's a busy day around here today.  Working in the office, fundraiser lunch, painting on the rental and of course, just general busyness.

When I have a jam-packed day like today, I still have to get the normal things done ( picking/cleaning up the house, a load of laundry etc).

So, in order to be as quick as I can, I grab the handy-dandy timer.  Set it for 30 minutes and GOOOOO!!!   I get as much done as I possibly can in those 30 minutes ( or however much time you have) and call it good! Put on some good music and you are good to go!  HINT:  Song above works pretty good :)

Not only do I get the house picked up in lightening speed, I get a little cardio boost as well.  WIN-WIN!

So, Ready, Set, Go!