Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where my heart belongs

We are home, Houston is but a memory.....

Sunday we had a little down time and decided to check out the beach.  I absolutely love the beach.  One of my favorite places.

But first, we had to eat.  I found a cute little vegan restaurant, Radical Eat,s that served brunch.  It was so delicious!  It really reminded me of Isadora's.  The second I stepped inside, I told Brian "it even smells like Isadora's".  I miss that place.

watermelon gazpacho, roasted veggies, beans and a vegan tamale.  They also brought around Vietnamese omelet ( no eggs) and chocolate pancakes.  uhm, yes please!

Can't pass up a trip to Whole Foods!  The MotherLode!!

We were ready for the beach!

There is just something about the salt air

Evidently it makes Brian sleepy

Our workout was a walk along the water.... perfect!

We strolled around for a while and then had to head back to reality and get ready for Brian's dr's appt the next morning!

However, we drove by the Aquarium and decided to take a look around there too:

I got to touch the stingray, but only with ONE finger.  The guide was VERY specific about that!

Even the tigers shop at Whole Foods....

My buddy, Max....

The next morning we were up bright and early for Brian's appointment.  The facility is really HUGE and very pretty.

I guess bubbles in the waiting area are soothing and make you less nervous.  Pretty to look at though!  The sun was shining on them and looked nice.

Brian's biopsy went fine, we packed up and headed home.  Brian was ready to be home and stretch out and relax for a while.  He even let me drive!  This is HUGE!  He always says it is too boring to just ride....

So we are home and back to our normal routine.... whatever that is these days.  Work, workout, eat healthy, clean the house, laundry.  I lead such an exciting life!


  1. I think we all lead such exciting lives, unfortunately we do have to have the mundane mixed in with the amazing... ;)

  2. It looks like it was a fun trip! I love LOVE Kemah! :) (and you get to take great pictures there!) What beach is that? I haven't found a good one in the area so far... is that in Galveston? we went to the "Free one" and headed back home in disappointment, then we heard there is one that you pay 7 dollars and is ok... is that the one? just wondering because I want to go to a nice beach! ;)


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