Saturday, June 2, 2012

And the kitchen sink too....

I started out early yesterday getting things ready for our trip.  The kids are taking care of things on the homefront and we are off to Houston for Brian's dr visit.

Trying to eat healthy while on the road is hard enough, but it is even harder when doing the Ultimate Reset, but I was DETERMINED to make this work.  So I cooked, sauteed, steamed, roasted, chopped and blended like a mad woman!  I had so many different meals going it was funny.

I knew I would forget something.... utensils.  Go figure.  We just stopped at a convenience store and I picked up a couple of plastic forks.  I'm on the hunt for a couple of spoons....LOL!

I had a couple of challenges besides the lack of a fork last night.  We were on the road.  I had my gallon jug of water, took my supplements and then thought about my food in the cooler.  How in the world will I get it heated?  I am not a fan of cold food that is supposed to be hot!  BUT, I ended up eating it cold anyway.  If you have a suggestion on heating food on the road.  Let me know, PLEASE!!!!  Cold collard greens are not the best :)

We had rain most of the way, but there was a beautiful rainbow!!  

We rolled into our destination last night about 8.  Had enough time to stretch our legs, have a little fun and then headed to bed!  We are pretty boring people!

Our room is really nice!!

 My eats for yesterday included fruit for breakfast ( didn't take a photo)

Lunch was a big ol' salad.  TASTY!  It is getting a little easier to eat salads with my mouthpiece.  Getting the hang of this thing  - FINALLY!!!

Dinner was collard greens, tempeh and roasted beets.  It was good, but would've been better hot!

We are on the move again today!  Meeting up with a friend for lunch and then on to Houston!


  1. Dana,

    Pick up some hand warmers. They last for twelve hours and they are cheap.


  2. I love rainbows, I am glad you posted a picture of the one you saw. I tried to take a picture one time and it just didn't do it justice :)

  3. Scott - that is a PERFECT idea. thank you so much! I would not have even thought of it. GREAT! Going home will be much easier now!

  4. Launna - the picture isn't the greatest, but I love rainbows too! So glad you stopped by!


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