Friday, June 22, 2012

What's YOUR number?

Yesterday was a low key day for me.  That is ok, I have to have these kinds of days occasionally.  BUT, I got a TON of things on my to-do list done.

We also got our new dishwasher and trash compactor installed.  They both went out around the same time.  So, I am excited about my new appliances.  Is that even possible to be excited about new appliances????  I know that I am glad that the dishwasher will not take 4 hours to run and the trash will be compacted again! LOL!!!

As exciting as it is:  here's a shot of the compactor....

 Check out my delivery from yesterday:  So excited to give these a try!

One thing I did try and love - Mimic Creme whipped topping.  I miss whip cream.  Since I don't have dairy anymore, I don't eat whipped cream.  Imagine my surprise when I found some Mimic Creme at the health food store.  Of course, I HAD to try it.


I'm going to be doing a post on a new drink.

I've decided to bring back the Friday Fit Challenge!  I know, you have missed it, right?  But, this blog is about being fit and healthy and I want everyone to feel that way!  So, you don't get off the hook that easy!!

So, I am bringing back my ABSOLUTE favorite exercise to get fit - Yes, PUSHUPS!  

No, not this kind:

Did you eat these as a kid?  I loved them!


Keep your back straight, your hips level and your core in.  

Today is all about those arms and building up our strength.  The goal is to do as MANY as you can.  These can be done on toes, on knees, against a countertop - however you can do them.  Do as many as you can, take a break and then do more!

Pushups also work your core and I know that everyone wants to work on their core!

I'd love to hear how many you do.  If you can only do 1, that is ok.  I will be so happy that you participated!

What is YOUR number?


  1. Words sharing Motivation
    Smile, leave sedihmu. Bahagialah, forget takutmu. Who you feel sick, no equivalent would you be happy.
    Tears do not always show sadness, sometimes because we laughed happily with our best friend.

    may be useful, it can be accepted, success is always dah Greetings: D

  2. I love pushups... the first kind ;) ... but I need more of the second one! ;)

  3. I LOVE getting new appliances, I still love my dishwasher, every woman should have one.. I need to do more of the second for push ups:)


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