Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's HOT!

Oh my, it was a busy day yesterday!  I hit the ground running and didn't stop all day long!

It is really hot here, from what I have seen on the little bit of news I have seen, it is hot in a LOT of places!

We've been enjoying the pool, soaking up some A/C and just taking it easy as much as possible.  Drinking a TON of water.  My goal is to get a gallon in every day.  I've been short the last few days.  Only got 96 ounces!!!  BUT, it helps so much in this heat!

I met a friend for lunch and shopping at Ulta.  I have been looking for a natural, organic moisturizer and decided to go with Juice Beauty.  AND I got an adorable new nail polish color.  Madelyn is going to have to come over so we can be girly girls!  It's not pink OR purple!

So loving the turquoise right now!

Then I got busy for the home party palooza!  A few of my friends and I decided to host a home party and showcase all the different businesses!

I did Nerium, Meredith did Beachbody, Denisa did It Works Wraps and Lauren did Premiere Jewelry.  We also had a friend to do Mary Kay, but she couldn't make it at the last minute.

My buddy Cole wanted to be in the photo, he was so cute.  Put his hand on his hip and said I'm posing...

Then he did this one for me.  I got his whole body in it

Too cute!

Beachbody goodies!  Meredith even made shakeology no bake cookies - no photo, they were gone in an instant!

Nerium Fun

I was so excited about getting wrapped up that I didn't get a photo of Dee's set up!  Sorry Dee!

So, I got a wrap.  It was interesting!!  Hot and Cold at the same time and smelled a lot like eucalyptus.  I lost  1 1/2 inches around my waist in 45 minutes.  Not bad.....  I would do it again!

The kids were fascinated with my "wrapped" belly!  Madelyn kept touching it and wanting to know what was on my belly!  And yes, I just posted a photo of my belly, thank goodness it is wrapped and you can't see all of it.  I am 47 and have stretch marks you know!  (story for another day.....)

There was a brief musical interlude....  I was glad when Meredith sat down there, the kids music was a little lacking!

I was a little disappointed in the party.  We invited 160 people and we had 1 person show up.  It was pretty pathetic.  Do you like to go to home parties?  If not, please tell me why?  Do you feel pressured to purchase something?  Do you just not go because you are not interested in the product?  Do you not want to go just to socialize.  Trying to decide if I will have any more home parties..... I'd really appreciate the feedback!

Today there may have been a little stepping, a little vegan hot fudge making and a little toenail painting.....   Check back tomorrow for more excitement!


  1. I don't go to home parties because I rarely have the money to spend on extra items. I have a great job but I am also a single mama and my child comes first. I also say I am not going:)

    1. I understand completely and so appreciate your feedback! Kids ALWAYS come first!

  2. I will have to check out the wrap!! I just finished Insanity and of course I always think of you whenever I do a Beachbody.com workout. I never did become a coach which really is silly since I buy every single workout. LOL! Hope you are well!

    1. HEY! So happy you stopped by! I am well,thank you - I hope you are as well. What did you think about Insanity? You are always welcome to join our team of coaches. Would love to have you on board!


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