Friday, June 8, 2012

Ultimate Reset Recap

So, I am almost one week post reset.  I am feeling good!

I don't like to sugarcoat anything, so I will give you my honest feedback about this program.

First of all, it is a LOT food prep.  If you are NOT committed, you will be sorry if you don't like to cook.   The meals are not hard to prepare, but it is time consuming.  Brian told me that I was either preparing food, cleaning, eating or thinking about how to prepare the next meal.

The food is GOOD!  There was only one meal that I didn't like. The roasted fennel just wasn't to my tastes. It wasn't even horrible, just not for me.  I ate it, Brian did too for that matter, he didn't love it either.

The soups were my favorites and really were easy to fix.  I used the heck out of my steamer, my rice cooker vita mix, and my dishwasher!  HA!  You don't need these appliances, but it does make the job easier.

Drinking a gallon of water every day was not hard, but finding the bathroom when out running around was a bit,  of a challenge, trust me, I know where all the clean restrooms are in the 4-state area......

I lost 6 lbs,5.5 inches from chest to thighs and 1 1/2% body fat.  I have more energy, (not the HUGE energy rush I was hoping for, but an improvement) I am sleeping better and I just feel better.  I am glad that I did it and  it was NOT easy.  It was a HUGE challenge, I craved chocolate like crazy.  I didn't cave until the end.
The last 2 days were the hardest for me.  We were in Houston and even though I packed all that food, I couldn't heat it on the road, so we ate out more than I had planned.  I stayed as close to the program as I could.  So, I was a bit disappointed in myself for that but sometimes, it just can't be helped.  I was ready to be done. I was hungry a LOT  the last two weeks.  But, I told myself that this was my metabolism kicking into overdrive!  I had a lot of mental issues. I know what you are thinking...... If I am told I can't eat something, I think I need it.....  and I wanted chocolate.  The first thing I did have was a vegan brownie - OH EMMM GEEE, it was delicious! I also craved peanut butter.  Strange the things we think we need....

Overall, I think Ultimate Reset is a. GREAT product.  I WOULD/WILL do it again. I do recommend it, but when YOU are ready.  This is pretty close to how I eat anyway, I'm not quite as raw food as this, but I will be continuing  with many aspects on a daily basis  I am going to continue with the daily GREEN drink.  It gave me a just needed pick-me-up in the afternoon.

What is one of the hardest challenges you have faced recently?


  1. Very interesting Dana! I am losing weight right now (everybody wonders how I do it since I love baking and blogging about it) so I guess that's been my hardest challenge! Losing weight and still cook and bake like I used to... I am part of "The Cake Slice Bakers" also so I have to bake (besides it all) 1 cake a month... it's a lot of fun, but when you don't eat what you bake it can be challenging... I've lost 42 pounds so far (started in Jan. 9th) and I feel great! but hitting plateaus has been discouraging at times... although not enough to make me want to go back... that's not an option for me! Not anymore! Love your blog! :)

  2. Hi Dana,

    I did a 30 day cleanse of food and of social media, neither of which was very hard for me. I lost 9 pounds, slept better and had more energy :)

    I would do the cleanse again but I won't do the last item, it was no contact with my ex and technically my ex is my soul mate and best friend, I thought I would cave and contact him but I was good, never again though. ;)


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