Friday, June 15, 2012

Springfield, Baby!

Brian and I loaded up and went to the BIG city for the day!  Springfield, baby!

We started out at Brian's FAVORITE place - Bass Pro Shops.  What guy doesn't LOVE Bass Pro?  That is the question......

We looked, shopped and looked some more!  I got a couple of cute shirts, Brian got a couple of "handsome?" shirts.....  We managed to leave there without a boat, ATV or even a new fishing pole.

We were starving by then and headed over to Houlihan's.  We really like going there, the food is good, the atmosphere is good and it is just a fun place to be!  We sat outside since it was a beautiful day and enjoyed a nice lunch.

We had to stop at Mama Jean's.  How in the world have I not been here yet?  Mama Jean's is a cool, health food store, PLUS, they have a food bar, coffee bar and had flourless brownies.....  Can't pass that up!

Afterwards, I MADE Brian go to Sephora and Charming Charlie.  Brian was being Charming himself and was very patient with me!  We did manage to find him his favorite socks..... that would have to be another whole blog post to get you to understand all that entails....  just trust me on this one, he has sock issues!

After being patient with me, I had to be patient with him as we stopped at the Man Store - Grizzly's.  There is every tool known to man in this store.  Luckily, he knew exactly what he wanted.  It didn't take long.  I had packed my kindle, knowing we were going to stop here, but didn't have to get it out.  Funny sidebar....  we came here one day and Brian was taking FOREVER..... I found the waiting area - (women's hangout.....), they have a tv, a couch and a couple of chairs.  The lights were off, but the tv was on, I went in and sat down in one of the chairs, looked over and there was a woman sound asleep with her shoes off laying on the couch.  I can't even imagine how long her hubby had been there..... She woke up and told me that the couch sleeps pretty good if I was going to be there long.....

We had to head home for a dinner party with friends and enjoyed the night!  Good food, good conversation and laughs!  Doesn't get much better than that!


  1. LOL, I am pretty sure I couldn't handle a man spending hours in a tool shop... I would probably go shopping :)

    1. It wasn't so bad. They have a cool pond with fish in it and some amazing wood carvings.....


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