Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lazy, fun weekend!

We are enjoying a lazy weekend.....  engagement party on Friday night, fun family time and just relaxing....

I love blogging from the deck!

One thing I don't love, is my computer.... I have been having so much trouble with it.  I got so annoyed I wrote a letter to the company.  So far, it has been 3 days and I haven't heard a word back from them.  The computer is only 8 months old.  But, the most annoying thing is the mouse jumps around like crazy and it take me FOREVER to type even one  sentence.

This is an example of what I type if I don't go back and fix it....

e compwped almost perfectly and then it goes completely bonkers.ill go and you can't read anything, I can get a few words tyuter does, you never know where it
Here is an example of what th

Now, I started with Here.......

So, I have to go back and forth putting the cursor at the right location.  I have downloaded the device driver from ASUS directly and even tried downloading from the device itself.  So frustrating....  That is just ONE of the MANY problems with the darned thing.

I am hoping that ASUS will stand behind their product......  Keep  your fingers crossed for me and if you have any suggestions, I am ALL EARS!

We went to CupcakesbyLiz!  They opened last weekend ( they were destroyed in the tornado).  We have missed her amazing, wonderful treats!

This photo is for Valerie

 Cupcake and Heels!

Yesterday was a lazy day by the pool.  It is really hot, but the water is still just a bit chilly.  I have been reading and just relaxing the last couple of days.

I'm reading Bombshell by Suzanne Sommers

We have a family of birds that are sharing our deck with us.  We have really enjoyed watching them.  The babies are getting big and mama bird is patient with us being out there!

I will be starting my new workout program tomorrow, so I'm ready to get going with Brazil Butt Lift for the next 30 days.

Today we are having an early Father's Day with the kids.  Pool party and build your own pizza!  Should be a GREAT day!  How do you celebrate Father's Day?


  1. I haven't celebrated father's day for quite some time but I plan to make it special for my David, even though he is in Alberta and I am here. He is such an amazing daddy to his two children and I will celebrate that<3

    1. I hope you are able to celebrate and have a wonderful time!

  2. Nice relaxing weekend (except for the laptop incidents) :) Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, it was wonderful! Hope you were able to enjoy your weekend too!


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