Monday, June 11, 2012

Pool and pizza make a good day!

We had a most wonderful day yesterday!  We celebrated Father's Day a little early. Pool party and pizza fest!

Bottoms Up!

The kids wanted to get Brian a new grill for a gift.  Brian is notorious for just getting whatever he wants, when he wants it.  I've had to put him off purchasing one for a couple of weeks now, but thankfully it all worked out just fine!

He was so surprised and in fact, the boys brought it over and put it on the deck in the back yard.  Brian walked out the door, Nick pointed at the grill and told him Happy Father's Day.  Brian responded with "That isn't until next week...."  We all thought it was funny, laughed and went on.  When we were getting ready to start fixing dinner I asked him if that is the grill he was wanting and he hadn't even seen it or noticed it at all....   He was so excited, got up, checked it all out and then fired it up!

We had a build your own pizza night.  I offered a prize for the most artistic pizza.  It was a hard decision, but Chase and Nick tied for the prize.....  First dibs on dessert or $5.  Bet you can guess which one they picked....

All kinds of veggies and then of course meat for the carnivores!

Of course, there was some swimming ( or fwimming, as Madelyn likes to say).  Uncle Jake and Uncle Nick spoil Miss Madelyn rotten and she LOVES every single minute of it.

There was even a little Hurley (Jake's dog) action in the pool.  He loves the water too!  Roxy, Rhino, and Tess not so much....  Bo didn't get to join us this time around. (all my granddogs...)

Everyone had a GREAT time and we can't wait to do it again!

The baby birds are getting bigger!

I wonder how much longer until they leave the nest.....


  1. Looks like sooo much fun! Love the shot at the "toddler birds" :)

    1. Jake climbed up there to take the picture for me. He did good!


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