Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My new best friends....

I've just been plugging along, getting some work done in the office,  working around the house and with the pool.

We are having a time with the pool this year.  It just seems to want to stay cloudy!  I'm not sure if the chlorinator is working properly or not.  Brian is going to try and work on it!

I have a few fun things coming up.

I will be doing a vlog on the best way to cut a watermelon.  Didn't even know there was another way, but a friend shared it with me and it really does make it easier!

I got a couple of books that I am reading and will be doing a review on!

When I was getting ready for my cleanse, I had my blood work checked.  I found out that I was low on B12 and Vitamin D.  This book is coming along at the the right time.   My doctor prescribed B12 shots (1x per week for 8 weeks) and a large dose of vitamin D.

I am going to be doing some changes with my supplementation, I am going to continue with my Shakeology daily, the barley green drink in the afternoon and my B12 and Vitamin D, but I may be adding in fish oil and a few others.  I'm excited to see what changes will take place.  Hoping for a little more energy.  I know my stress levels are high these days with the family health situations, but I need more energy!

I am still pretty sore today, but I have stuck with my workout schedule and even threw in a little foam rolling this morning.

These are my new best friends these days:

What is your best tip for sore muscles?