Monday, June 18, 2012

Good friends, good times!

Wow, we had a GREAT weekend!  First up was a party for our friends Danny and Linda.  They got married, so we had to celebrate!

Good friends, good times!

Then on Sunday, we headed to Grove to spend some time with Bill for Father's Day.

  Luckily, Judy felt well enough to join us!

Brian decided that he wanted to go to Cupcakes by Liz and get some goodies to enjoy for Father's Day!  He got there and all they had left was ONE cake, so he got the pink one!  Isn't is so manly looking.

I don't think the dad's cared much, it was heavenly!

It was a good Father's Day.

 The only way it could've been GREAT was if I could have spent time with my daddy!  I will see him in a few weeks though!

We came home and hung out with the kids by the pool.  They liked the grilled pizzas so well that they wanted to do it again.  It may be our new Sunday tradition.

I found a GREAT sub for soda.  It tastes like a ginger ale to me and oh, so much better for you!

2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar ( I like Bragg's)
juice of one lemon

add to carbonated or sparkling water ( I use the soda stream)

I also like mine a little bit sweeter, so I added some stevia drops!  (I like NuNaturals)

Soooo yummy!  I haven't had soda in a LONG time, so it was a nice, refreshing change of pace!



  1. Great pictures!!! And that cake is screaming "Father's Day Cake" LOL! ;) ... not so... but it looks yummy! ;)

    Good times! Thanks for sharing!

  2. yeah, not so manly huh? It was delish! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :)


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