Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bibbety Bobbity Boo!

Madelyn was here yesterday.  As most 2 year old girls, she is fascinated with princesses, especially Cinderella. She and Grumpy have been playing magic wands outside (with sticks) and she asked me if we could make her magic wand sparkly.  I don't have a crafty bone in my body and my first instinct was - uhmm... how am I gonna get out of this one?  Oh yeah, let's go shopping!

Shopping for magic wands is a bit of a chore!  We ended up at Wal-Mart ( I needed copy paper and staples), thought it was a good place to start.  Found the PERFECT one, so I thought.....  Cinderella on it, sparkly and even had a bow on it, what more could you want, right?  Well, it was blue and for those of you that know Madelyn, you know her favorite color is pink and purple.  So we ended up with the purple Ariel wand....  then Madelyn told me that Grumpy would need a wand.  She didn't think he wanted a "GIRL" wand, so we continued our search.  I found a I SPY wonder tube and thought it might work, but it was green.... (read:  not pink or purple).  They did have a purple one and she thought that one would be ok...  so we set off to get the other items we needed.

Little did I know that we needed berries ( of all kinds) and watermelon.

Nona always obliges Miss Madelyn's healthier side.....

As we were shopping, I became an ugly frog, a pretty frog and a beautiful princess.  Every time she would hold the wand over her head and shout (yes, shout) Bibbety, Bobbity, Boo.....

On the way home, she decided that Grumpy would really like the Ariel wand the best and she could have the pretty sparkly one....(hmmm, I thought that was the Ariel wand, but I was wrong). "Grumpy does want a
"GIRL" wand!

We got home and enjoyed our watermelon and berries and our magic wands.  Using them is really tiring for ol' Nona, I had to take a short nap when Mads went home and she fell asleep on her way home!

It was a good day!